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Letter: Trip to Berlin is a March highlight

March was eventful and exciting! I began by moving in with my third host family, Markus and Nicole Baumann and their three children: daughters Lea (15) and Feli (12) and son Levin (9). This is my first time ever having a brother, and it has been interesting to live with little siblings. They are very nice people and are treating me well. I am enjoying some usual activities of walking, shopping, bowling and other things.

I celebrated my birthday this month and was happy to have my American family come to visit. It was wonderful to see them again after eight months of being apart. We took a train to Berlin since this year marks the 30th anniversary of the wall coming down. We enjoyed many of the sights there including the Reichstag, the meeting place of the German parliament. It was amazing to see the view of all of Berlin from the top. We also toured the Memorial for Murdered Jews, a beautiful maze-like sculpture of blocks ranging in size, as well as the Sinti and Roma Memorial. I was interested in this sight because this year in school I read a book about a boy who was prosecuted for being a Sinti and Roma and watched a video about the memorial, so I was glad I actually got to see it in person.

We went to Checkpoint Charlie and saw the museum there. It is crazy to see all the different tactics people used to escape from East Berlin. We visited the Brandenburg Gate both at night and during the day so we could see the different perspectives. My favorite activity was when we walked along the wall at the East Side Gallery. After the wall was torn down, people were able to paint murals on portions that remained, and it was fun to see all of the creativity.

We had breakfast in a revolving restaurant at the Fernsehturm, a television tower and Germany’s tallest structure. I would definitely love to return to Berlin some day!

I celebrated the actual day of my birthday at school with my class and lunch with a friend. That evening we hosted a dinner at the Axel and Heide Huss home for a few friends and my mom made some traditional Mexican food, something I have been missing while here.

We drove to Oberammergau, which is about a three hour drive south of Crailsheim. It is known for performing a Passion Play every 10 years. We drove through a lot of villages and some even had snow, and it was so pretty to see the Bavarian Alps. We also drove to the beautiful city of Nuremburg. We went to the Palace of Justice, where the Nuremburg Trials were held.  

We were able to meet with my last host family, Ralph and Sandra Zanzinger and their two children Kira (16) and Liv (12). They were so kind and welcoming to me, and I miss them a lot. We also went to the home of my next and last host family, Uwe and Lili Reimesch, and enjoyed home-made pizza with them and their two daughters Lisa (21) and Lara (15). They are very friendly, and I know I will enjoy my time living with them. We also had lunch with Emilie Düll and her mother Danielle. She is looking forward to coming to Worthington as the new Crailsheim representative.

It was a really lovely time together with my family and it was hard to see them leave, but I know I’ll see them soon and until then I will enjoy my remaining time here.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported me and for making this possible.