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Letter: Electoral college, driver’s license letters ‘selfish'

By Roger L. Elgersma, Pipestone

There were two letters to the editor that seemed a bit selfish to me in the March 27 edition of The Globe.  

The first one was the one by Leroy Vetsch on the electoral college. Why does he want one vote in a rural area to count more than one vote in a big city? This means he thinks he’s more important than another citizen just because he lives here instead of there. I know everyone likes to win, but to win fairly would be a real democracy — and that can only happen if everyone's vote counts the same value. The real reason the founding fathers put in the electoral college is so that a smooth-talking politician could not fool a lot of somewhat illiterates into voting for a liar. The electoral college was to be a bunch of elitists that could vote in someone else if the people voted for a liar. There was actually talk of people not voting for Trump in the electoral college this past election. With no electoral college, your vote would count if your party won or not. Only then would everyone's vote count the same.

The other letter that seemed selfish was the one by Melina Matinez on the driver’s license bill. If people would drive without a license or, as she states, do hit and runs if they do not have insurance, then those people are simply not honest enough to do things legally. If you think that way, do not ever complain about being called illegals. Your mind thinks that doing something illegal just to make money or to not get caught is normal. That is an illegal way of thinking, so you do have an illegal mind. The reason my grandparents had to sign up and wait their turn to immigrate was so that we would not get too many immigrants too fast so that our culture would not change too fast. If you want to think that doing things illegally is normal just because the cops in Mexico can get bought, that does not mean that we want our culture to deteriorate to that low of a level.