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Letter: Historic Dayton House a hidden treasure in Worthington

By Tina Johnson, Worthington

The Historic Dayton House has been a local landmark in Worthington since the late 1800's, yet many people in the community are not familiar with the location or history of this grand home.

Over the years the house changed ownership to three families until in the mid 1940s, when it was operated as the Cashels’ Nursing Home. In 1983, they closed it down and the house sat empty with a threat of demolition. In order to preserve the home, Historic Worthington Inc. formed a non-profit group and purchased the house in 2001. After two years of hard work and dedicated people, the house was restored to the beautiful home it is today.

The home not only functions as an event venue, but also as a bed and breakfast. The community is fortunate to have such an incredible venue within the city limits.

You can help support and fulfill the mission and preservation of the Historic Dayton House with donations, memberships, house rentals, tours or attending events like the Mom’s Day Brunch coming up on May 11th. You can find this information and much more on our website, Facebook page, Instagram page and Twitter page.

As the house manager, I wanted to share some history of the house and let the public know about this great home and local landmark right here in Worthington.