As a 22 year-old petty officer-second class, I was sent to the Pentagon to work for the Defense Intelligence Agency. The security clearance necessary for me to handle the material that I would deliver around the building and to other government agencies took some six months to complete, largely due to the fact that one of my great aunts had sold her home on East Okoboji and moved to Mexico City. The fact that she occasionally sent my family artifacts as gifts — and regularly corresponded — was more than a little suspicious. This was a full 15 years after the “McArthyism” nonsense, and yet our intelligence community couldn’t be too careful.

The Trump administration has granted security clearances to more than a handful of individuals who have had ongoing business dealings with Russia, Saudi Arabia and anyone else who could help them hide their wealth from American taxes. In addition, they have welcomed these rogue nations with open arms into our political arena with misleading attack ads, dark money and who knows what else. Yet, our great leaders see no need to be alarmed by this. Our no-filter, morally bankrupt stable genius assures us that everything is under control. No collusion … no obstruction!