This letter is to express my heartfelt thanks to the voters in Worthington. Because I was born in Worthington, grew up in Dundee (yes, Dundee is still there, barely, but still there,) graduated from Fulda High School, and taught in a public school for 35 years, I was very interested in the results of your recent bond issue. I understand the struggles of increased taxes on area farmers because I have family who farm in the Heron Lake area. But the bottom line is the voters in Worthington finally recognized that education is important and voted to support it.

Thank you for getting teachers out of hallways and closets. Thank you for understanding that a quality education helps the disadvantaged for generations. Thank you for knowing that education helps the entire community, not just the students. Your votes for education have restored my belief that racism can be conquered. Thank you for voting to support children — not brown children, or white children, but children.

Worthington voters get a gold star on their homework assignment today!