The time is flying by so fast, and I am staying really busy. I spend a lot of time with activities at school and basketball. I really enjoy basketball, and I have made a couple of new friends.

On Dec. 13 I participated in the Culture Corner at Minnesota West for the country of Germany and had a display about a German Christmas. It was a lot of fun! I baked some German Christmas cookies and made a tag board with some fun facts. I also enjoyed seeing some other people from different countries, and it was really exciting to try all of their food.

I celebrated the Christmas holiday together with my host family. It was my first American Christmas, and I really enjoyed it. How you celebrate Christmas here is actually really similar to the way we do it. At my house in Germany we go to church on Christmas Eve, have a big supper and open our presents afterwards. In Germany we also have two Christmas days, so our Christmas is a little bit longer.

On Christmas evening it was time to depart for the high school marching band trip to Atlanta, Georgia. After a very long bus ride we arrived. In Atlanta we had some really busy days. We did a field show, marched in a parade and did a standstill performance. On Saturday afternoon we watched the Peach Bowl football game. It was my first big college football game, and I enjoyed watching it. My highlight of the trip was the visit to the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. I also enjoyed the awards banquet. I would like to offer a big thank you to the Worthington High School Marching Band and the Worthington-Crailsheim Committee who made this trip possible for me.

I spent New Year’s Eve with some friends and had a good time. I wish you all a Happy New Year!!