When I was addicted to alcohol and drugs many years ago, that behavior caused some major problems. I have been arrested more than once for various crimes. My wife and I were kicked out of our first apartment because of it; the police told the landlord I was a drug dealer and she, being an elderly lady, didn't want that kind of trouble. Now, did I blame myself for that? Heavens no. It wasn't my fault I was using and selling illegal drugs. The police got me kicked out of my apartment; it was their fault. One time I saw in the local paper where I had been arrested for some crime I had committed. I was offended that they printed that.

I saw something on Facebook recently that got my attention. A guy was screaming at a police officer because he claimed the police officer murdered his brother by shooting an unarmed man. Now, I have no idea if that happened or not; if the person was unarmed or not; nor do I know what the person was doing at the time the alleged incident occurred.

Let me tell you what I do know. When I quit breaking the law, they quit putting me in jail. Are there times when police officers get out of hand? Maybe. I know "Black Lives Matter" people put up a lot of fuss about it. However, since I quit all that nonsense over 38 years ago, the police have always treated me with respect. And, when I got a full pardon over 28 years ago, the police officers who arrested me — including the sheriff and prosecuting attorney back then, who by the way wanted me in prison — all helped me to get that full pardon.

So, it's been my experience that if you don't want the police coming after you, don't break the law. Don't start fights. Don't drive drunk. Don't steal. Don't use or sell illegal drugs. Don't run from or fight with the police — especially if you've committed some crime — and expect them or other people to be nice to you. If you want to be treated in a respectful way, act in a law-abiding respectful manner. Act like a jerk, and you'll probably be treated like one. And guess what: it's your fault.