Editor’s note: The following letter was received by Operation Christmas Child after gifts it collected from local residents recently arrived in the African nation of Namibia. The letter has been edited slightly for grammar.

My name is Monika Shilongo. I am 30 years old and a kindergarten teacher. In my village called Omafo, I have 40 children at my kindergarten. I am a born-again Christian and I teach my children the Bible — that God is love — and I just want to thank you very much on behalf of my students.

We thank God for using you to send every child a box of beautiful gifts. The children were very happy and excited to receive them. You are a blessing to many. I wish I could send you some pictures of the children in my school, but I will try to send them to you next time if God permits it to write you a letter again.

We are praying for you and for me, God, to give me wisdom and strength, and pray for all the children in the kindergarten to love God with their mind and whole heart until Jesus comes. And, we pray for God to make a way that every child will have chairs, tables and a proper class. May God bless you in and your family in the new year!

Love in Christ,