I would like to give a huge “shout-out” to Lakeside Church and Radio Works for sponsoring and giving pre-packaged food to families in need.

A week ago, this church and a local business secured around 300 individual packages of food that came from the federal government (USDA). These packages of food were part of a larger shipment into families of need in northwest Iowa. I am thankful that Chad Cummings, the general manager at Radio Works, had the heart and foresight to secure these extra packages of food for the Worthington area.

We are in a very chaotic time due to the pandemic and uncertainty in the economy. Many families find themselves in need of a little extra help to feed their families. Access to good nutritious food that is given away by our businesses, churches and the two food shelves is a great thing for families in our community! We all should be proud of our community. The families in need that were fortunate enough to receive this food, I am sure are very grateful.

Unfortunately, these government food packages had a meaningless letter inserted with the food from the president and the administration. Now the organizers and Chad have been criticized for this good deed. This was not an act to promote the administration or the president. This was simply a generous act of kindness to families in need in our community by leaders in our community. Please keep this in mind when you hear this unfair criticism by a very select few. It is unfair and unprofessional criticism that should be dismissed immediately. In fact those that have concerns, questions and anger should be contacting the federal government, USDA and the administration. They are the entities that inserted this letter in the packages, and not anyone in our community.

Once again, thank you to Lakeside Church and Radio Works for this great act of kindness towards our local families in need. Keep up the good work.