A pastor once said, God has no grandchildren because everyone has to make their own decisions about religion in their life. But we have to make our own decisions on a lot of other issues as well.

Usually, we make decisions somewhat like our parents did, but many generations have a chance to make decisions on an issue that their parents were not confronted with. This situation gives the youth an opportunity to show their own character. They get to show responsibility at a young age. This affects how much they can be trusted to be a good leader in the future. These issues vary widely.

When my parents were young, many immediately signed up for the military when Pearl Harbor got attacked. When I was young, many decided not to try drugs when drugs were new. When homosexuality became legal, many decided not to try that. Now, when kids are doing school at home with little supervision, many work hard anyway. But in all of these situations, there are also many who do not chose to do the right thing.

The child’s response to these situations vary greatly by age difference. A first-grader needs far more supervision than a good 12th-grader. The 12th-grader should be looking at their employability in the world. If they are not, they should be assured that they will always need a job where they will be needing supervision the rest of their lives. Since parents are responsible for the children, their level of responsibility will show through when the kids have a responsibility for their schoolwork at home. Again, some parents have the talent to teach their kids and some have the time, and some do not. Wishing to do better and actually doing better is not always possible. The results, though, become part of the child’s view of what the world will be for them.

Home schooling is not a new idea. Those who have the time and talent to do it have been extremely successful. In the past, we hired teachers because we believed that was the most efficient way to teach the children. They always had to learn values at home. I knew a teacher that was Teacher of the Year in Minnesota and he said that if the parents do not cooperate, the teacher cannot do well. I hope we get back to a situation soon where the children can go to school safely.