A Nov. 25 Pat Buchanan’s Nov. 25 column noted:“ ..the China of 2021 is not the China with which Obama and Biden had to deal. The China of today revels in its Communist ideology. For it openly crushes democratic dissent ..."

The dragon of dynasties past is awake and well fed on income from its exports.

Nearly everything you pick up has a "Made in China" label. Items with a "Made in U.S.A." label are most likely packed full of Chinese components. To date, we’ve dumped so much manufacturing and research technology into China that I really don’t see any hope for recovery of our manufacturing independence.

Here's a 10/13/2003 posting from the People’s Daily (China):

“I think right now the green bank notes (or some call it toilet papers) should be kept in China’s and other countries pockets for the time being to maintain its high value! The consequence will be that American’s exports will be dragged down. Thus forcing high-tech firms to move their high-tech know-how to China and other countries! (in other words use toilet paper to swap for gold!). Once the majority of its economy has been sucked out of the country then it is time to dump the notes! American’s are dumb and stupid!"

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Vladimir Lenin, founder of Russian communism, said: “Capitalists would give communists the technical, material and financial help they need to prevail ..." In other words, sell us the rope by which they will hang us.

In 1956, Communist China’s founder Mao Zedong addressed his provincial governors: “In the future we will set up the Earth Control Committee, and make a uniform plan for the Earth." We are moving into an era of extremely tight control, thanks to the wonders of Chinese-made electronics. The electronic noose is rapidly tightening.

“The Sage rules thus: He empties their minds, stuffs their bellies, weakens their will, and strengthens their bodies. He always keeps the people devoid of intelligence and desire. He keeps the intelligent in fear from action, and all are governed.” — Chinese archivist Lao Zi.

Looks like team China-Russia will soon validate the predictions and warnings given at Fatima.