"If we get behind Donald Trump, he will destroy the Republican Party. And we will deserve it." — Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, 2015.

"You knew I was a snake when you took me in." — Donald Trump, after the release of the "Access Hollywood" tape, 2016.

To all the people in the Republican coalition: Donald Trump has just derailed your agenda by fracturing the Republican Party, making it more difficult to win voting majorities. Corporate donors and others are fleeing the Republican Party, It takes money to run campaigns, so these effects are obvious.

The biggest conspirator in the so-called conspiracy to take down Donald Trump is Donald Trump. I don't believe it's the president's job to incite a riot and spark a civil war. The events on Jan. 6 were a naked attempt to thwart the actions of the U.S. Congress in order to install an authoritarian despot in the White House. It should now be clear why Vladimir Putin preferred Trump.

Here's an old saying that seems appropriate for the time: "When you look up and find yourself in a hole, maybe it would be a good idea to quit digging.." Republicans, it seems, have two choices: Get behind some of the decent, respectable people in the party, or jump in the hole with Trump and help him dig.

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For all of you who were shocked and appalled on Jan. 6, find your voice, speak out, be heard. Good constructive dialogue is what it's going to take to save us all, and to save out country.