Every year we escort the old year out and the New Year in with fanfare. I think the most recent transition was more of ensuring that 2020 left, followed by a sigh of relief and hopes of a better year.

One thing that does not change is resolutions. I am a believer in resolutions. Instead of setting resolutions at the beginning of each new year, allow yourself the opportunity to create resolutions throughout the year. Make resolutions in small attainable steps that, over time, you can meet your goal.

Do you have a goal for 2021? If not, may I offer one up for you? Get or stay active! This has been a challenge with the pandemic restrictions, but there are simple things one can do to stay active.

Exercise does not always mean going to the gym and running on the machines or joining a cross-training organization (great if able). Exercise can be as simple as walking, taking the stairs when able or completing a vocation such as gardening or riding a bike. If you are concerned about falls, yourjuniper.org has various programs that you can participate in to improve your balance. As you get or stay active, it is important to ensure that you are drinking enough water throughout the day. Finally, consult your physician or another medical provider about being active. They will have tips and can assist in finalizing a plan that is right for you.

Regular exercise and activity can enhance your health and boost your attitude to find a happier you. Best of luck to you all in staying active in 2021.