Cemetery thefts bring shame upon community

I have never written a letter to the editor before, but I'm hoping that this letter will warn other people in Worthington how dishonest people are there.

My father and mother, Gertie and Daryl Gerber, have both passed away. They are buried at the Garden of Memories Cemetery.

My wife and I live in Cities, so every year on Memorial Day we bring flowers down to my parents' grave at the Garden of Memories. We put out artificial flowers. We also put these flowers in a pedestal because we know that you can't leave flowers on the ground after Memorial Day. We have done this same thing for many years on my wife's parents' graves at the Worthington Cemetery. Then, we usually come back to Worthington around Labor Day to retrieve the flowers from both graves.

Unfortunately, we have experienced two incidences when we have gone to the Garden of Memories to retrieve the flowers from my parents' grave and the flowers are gone. The first time, whoever took them only took the flowers. They probably couldn't get the pot out because we always wired it to the pedestal so that it can't blow out of the stand. My wife was just down there a few weeks ago and whoever took the flowers also took the pedestal. My wife did talk to Garden of Memories about this incident, and they verified that the groundskeepers did not remove them. We have never had any issue with my wife's parents' grave at the Worthington Cemetery.

I am writing this letter to let people know that if they have loved ones buried out at the Garden of Memories not to put anything out there that you want to keep. It saddens me that I will not be able to put flowers out on my parents' grave other than what I can put in the vase on their marker.


My wife and I both grew up in Worthington and we always called it our home. But, now home that some people in Worthington feel it's OK to take flowers from cemeteries, we are ashamed to let people know that we are from Worthington.

Hopefully this letter will get out to those who feel it necessary to steal from cemeteries.

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