Letter: An open letter to Rep. Michelle Fischbach

"Finally, I hate to keep harping on this, but how are we coming on accountability for January 6?"

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Letter to the Editor

Dear Representative Fischbach,

I received your recent e-mail detailing the Republican House “limit, save, and grow” act which you report will be such a great fiscal “life-saver” for your constituents. I will do everything I can to convince the citizens of my small community that this won’t have any negative impact on our public education system, and our social programs; but, in all honesty, I’m not sure that will be possible. I have served as a public servant here for the past forty years, and can honestly say that I’ve never seen anything so patently absurd as this bill.

In addition to serving as mayor, I am also entrusted with the well-being of some one hundred veterans as the commander of our local Veterans of Foreign Wars Post. Nearly all of these individuals access the Veterans Administration for medical care. Your bill will definitely make it much more difficult for them to get care in a timely fashion due to cuts in all nearby facilities.

Might I suggest that you get together with those in the Senate and the White House to see about raising taxes on the “mega-rich” back to levels before your party decided that they could be immune from picking up the tab for their own share.

Finally, I hate to keep harping on this, but how are we coming on accountability for January 6? I’m not sure there’s enough lipstick to put on the pig that our current Republican party represents, but I commend you for not giving up on that.


Dennis Phelps

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