Letter: Baseball's rich just get richer

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Letter to the Editor

Is a nine-year contract for $325 million too much for the New York Yankees to pay a major league player? I would say yes, but the Yankees have other ideas. Is Gerrit Cole getting over $36 million a year make him overpaid? A major league pitcher pitches approximately 34 games a year. That’s over $1 million per game … and very few pitch over seven innings.

Major League Baseball is making more money each year from the three major TV networks. The Yankees received over $200 million in TV revenues in 2016, while the Twins received less than $50 million. This revenue has doubled in the last two years. In addition, gate income — which is shared equally among the 30 teams — was $118 million per team in 2018.

In summary, the New York Yankees' total revenue in 2018 was $668 million while the Twins generated $269 million.

Big markets, big salaries and winning records each year are tough for small market teams like the Twins to compete against. That's why the New York Yankees can spend $36 million per year for the game's best pitcher.

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