Letter: Carbon pipeline is not in best interest of rural area

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Letter to the Editor
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Dear Editor,

I am a landowner in the proposed route of Summit Carbon Solutions Midwest Carbon Express pipeline project. I am opposed to this project because:

1. Summit is rushing to sign landowner without having all legal documents complete.

2. I have been harassed by Summit and their agents numerous times even though I have stated that I'm not interested. I have now threatened to call the sheriff next time I get a call or a visit.

3. They are promising that these projects are going to create 17,000 temporary jobs and 400-500 new jobs. What I have seen of the license plates, none are even from Minnesota.


4. I'm concerned about the damage to our soil, drain tile, and how this will impact our land values.

5. Summit stands to make billions of dollars annually for the next two decades and they cannot do this without Minnesota landowners — and the easement prices they are offering are insulting.

6. There will be considerable decrease in crop yields and damage to tiling for many years.

I do not believe this project is in the best interest for our rural area.

Barb Pohlman

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