Letter: Crailsheim exchange student experiences traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony

Bös now looking forward to Florida trip with host family.

Snow Week
Anica Bös (right), Crailsheim student representative, stands with WHS sophomore Addis Tiruneh for a photo during Worthington High School Snow Week activities.
Photo contributed by Colleen Bents

Hello friends,

It’s me , Anica Bös, Crailsheim student representative, and this month I have a lot of new things to tell you.

I’ll just start at school, where we have started the third quarter since last month. With that, half of my school year in America is over. Of course I also have new classes, such as Stained Glass, which I really enjoy even if it can be a bit difficult sometimes. I also started Biology. I was a bit shocked because the topics we learn here are not really discussed in Germany.

I had to say goodbye to hockey with the close of the season. I had a lot of fun learning and trying my hand at hockey. It definitely wasn’t easy at all but I’m very very glad I tried it. The girls in particular helped me a lot to learn and understand the sport as quickly as possible. I am very grateful to them for that.

Snowcoming made me feel like a real American teenager all over again. Unfortunately, the dance was canceled because the winter weather was too bad. That was sad because I was really excited about it, just because I have never really experienced a school dance.


This year for the first time I also watched the Super Bowl, even though I don’t understand how football works. That day I was also presented with a poster asking if I wanted to go to the WHS Prom.

This month I was also able to attend a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony, learn about the African lunchbox and hear about various African cultures at World Mart, hosted by Nathalie Nkashama, who is from the Democratic Republic of Congo. We experienced the taste of a variety of foods from different African nations and I learned some native dance moves.

Now, I’m looking forward to the new month as I get the chance to go to Florida with my host family, the Thiers, and see what new opportunities await for me there!

Many thanks to everyone who supports the Worthington Crailsheim student exchange program!

Anica Bös
2022-2023 Crailsheim Student Representative

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