Letter: Earth science curricula is misleading kids

Today we have stratigraphic column data taken from some 2,700 oil wells across five continents that confirm there was indeed a progressive world-wide flood.

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Letter to the Editor:

My May 11, 2017 ‘Atomic bomb’s power a ‘micro-firecracker’ in Earth’s history’ letter in the Globe dealt with the impact energy released when a meteor hit the earth and formed the 110-mile diameter Chicxulub crater under the Gulf of Mexico.

Recent drilling samples indicate an energy equivalent to some four million H-bombs. The big rock penetrated down into the sub-crust where the granite is more flexible. This created a cavity that quickly opened up and then closed with the flexible granite rising upward, forming a massive mountain which collapsed and thereby formed an inner second ring of mountains 1/3 mile high around the center point of the crater. This all happened in less than 10 minutes.

The impact sent about 70 billion tons of dirt/debris, molten rock skyward, thereby causing the whole globe to go without sunlight for months, which cooled the planet, converting heavy rains into massive ice fields/glaciers in the higher latitudes.

The meteor literally fractured the crust, breaking up the original super-continent as pieces slid apart and formed the continents we have today. In Montana, paleontologists are finding fish fossils which were rapidly buried, their gills packed with glass particles generated by the heat of impact and then carried by a huge tsunami wave for thousands of miles.


Tracks of running dinosaurs under the fish fossil layers all point to catastrophic death. Every area on Earth must have been rising, falling or sliding, thereby setting off more mega-tsunamis sloshing across the globe, ripping up everything in their path, rapidly burying trees, plants and animals and forming our gas, oil and coal deposits.

Today we have stratigraphic column data taken from some 2,700 oil wells across five continents that confirm there was indeed a progressive world-wide flood. See ‘Carved in Stone’ (by Timothy Clarey).

When did all this happen? This year I read ‘Echoes of Ararat’ (Nick Liguori) and ‘Flood Legends’ (Charles Martin) that reveal over 300 flood legends from cultures all around the world. The authors avoided legends that had been influenced by Christian missionaries. What intrigued me most were accounts that parallel the above science models to some degree. (Note: There have been many impact events, two of them are larger than the Chicxulub crater.)

While all 300 accounts tell of a great flood, many also reference a violent impact event or events, i.e:

  • Cahto of Northern Calif. Rained day and night each day getting hotter, people had to jump in water, some died of the heat. Rained large stones after a month, killing people, then a great wall of water covered the earth.
  • Lakota. Creator stomped on earth four times then it cracked in many places and released flood waters that covered everything.
  • Paumari in Brazil. A roar over and under the earth, sun and moon changed color. A month later a more powerful roar, all of sky darkened, great rain destroyed earth.
  • Imperial Chinese work Ch’in-ting-ku-chin. Earth was shook to it’s foundations, earth fell to pieces, water rushed upward from its bosom with violence.

Conclusion: I believe our earth science curricula is misleading kids into thinking catastrophic asteroid impacts, with the resulting dinosaur extinctions, happened ‘millions of years ago’.
My 8-30-2019 'Multiple assumptions' just doesn't cut it’ letter in the Globe goes into more detail on why the NEA and Minnesota Department of Education needs to be brought up to date in regard to science.

Phil Drietz

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