Letter: Grateful for a Thanksgiving act of kindness

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Letter to the Editor

Through a series of circumstances I decided to stay home Thanksgiving Day. I’ve done holidays alone before. I’m a big girl and can handle my own company — most of the time.

Mid-afternoon, I heard some door knocking plus the call of the doorbell. I answered the call; no, not a neighbor, but two young men. I recognized the one with his hands full of food containers. The other was unknown with his empty cold hands wedged in his pockets.

What was this? What was going on? Fellow #1 was bearing a complete homemade Thanksgiving dinner. Were these fellows serious?

Apparently I’d mentioned my plan to dine in alone when fellow #1 had been here a few days earlier doing some repair work. He placed the food-laden plates in my kitchen, and they accepted my offer to sit a spell and chat a bit. They’re both dads and had just slipped away from a house full of friends and relatives to deliver a meal to me. How thoughtful was that?

Believe it or not, I was speechless, briefly. They stayed on, and we had such a pleasant visit. As I write this, I’m still overwhelmed at their kindness and thoughtfulness. We’ve become friends and I know I can call on them should I need a bit of help. I called the delivery fellow/friend after I’d sampled some of the meal. I’ll dine more seriously soon on the remainder of the tasty vittles (victuals).


The delicious meal sure beat PB&J. Thanks, fellows, from a grateful senior.

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