Letter: Is Trojan Field truly a "need"?

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Letter to the Editor

How does Trojan Field help the crowding in Prairie Elementary?

It was voted "no," and still the school board builds it. They pass a maximum levy to have funds to move around for it, a surfaced parking lot and operating.

Does Trojan Field help the huge percent of free and reduced lunch kids that leave Friday and return hungry Monday?

Does it help the students who would love to play in the band and orchestra that can't afford an instrument?

Does it help the students that receive backpacks?


Does it help the students that need coats, hats and mittens?

We don't "need" Trojan Field.

The increased taxes above — in addition to whatever was voted on — will, however, decrease or prevent the supporting of local charities like the food pantry, Love INC and Helping Hands, as well as overseas shoe boxes.

We don't "need" Trojan Field and an $800,000 surfaced parking lot. Those of you that "want" Trojan Field and are angry with my letter, tell the kids and charities and struggling-to-make-budget churches why you "need" it.

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