Letter: LaDuke is right, fossil fuel companies hurting us all

Global warming is a fact and a humanitarian issue.

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Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Ms. LaDuke’s opinion piece ( ) is right, fossil fuel companies have created a catastrophe hurting us all; tragically most severely impacting those who have contributed least to the problem.

Global warming is a fact. It is not a “blue” or a “red” issue. It is a humanitarian issue affecting us all. How does global warming affect you and your loved ones? We have burned fossil fuels for generations to power our lives, but awareness only slowly developed of the severe, emerging, pollution danger from over 110 million tons daily of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; fueling severe weather-related droughts, floods, fires, crop damage and soil erosion.

This has created increased water pollution, disease, poverty, climate-refugees, and conflicts globally. Warming has severely disrupted our hydrologic cycle, contributing to 2021’s deadly heat waves, massive drought and enormous forest fires of the Western U.S. and Canada and the tragic death tolls from eastern U.S. hurricanes and flooding.

As LaDuke notes, global warming creates catastrophic futures globally. These are real events, harming real people, which the overwhelming majority of climate scientists agree are due to manmade global warming.


Temperature increases will exceed the “tipping point” of 1.5 C by 2030 creating self-accelerating, devastating consequences and danger for our children with growing global warming.

We have identified the problem, but how do we create solutions? The short answer to creating climate solutions: We all must act.

Two top priority solutions include:

  • Retiring fossil-fuels and transitioning to renewable energy using beneficial, innovative federal energy policies to dramatically reduce carbon GHG emissions.

  • Expanding proven beneficial agronomy practices that protect and improve soil health by sequestering atmospheric carbon safely back into the soil.

The first solution is best accomplished with Congressional action to price carbon with a dividend. A vast majority of economists agree this is the single most powerful, rapid, effective, beneficial and just global warming solution ( ).

Market-based policies like this can provide incentives for more renewable energy resources like the Buffalo Ridge 250 MW Nobles 2 wind farm harvesting clean wind power for Minnesota Power customers: replacing costly, polluting coal from other states allowing production of 44% renewable energy by 2025 and reducing carbon emissions 40% by 2030.

Regenerative agriculture also represents an important solution. The 2017 Census of Agriculture shows Nobles County’s 885 farms working 414,405 acres with land use practices of: No till 9%, Reduced till 34%, Intensive till 44%, Cover crop 5%; demonstrating a remarkable opportunity for continued adoption of regenerative agriculture practices that will benefit everyone.

Excellent opportunities for farming communities to create solutions include Land Stewardship Project’s Minnesota legislative agenda.

A single example of their proposal includes:


  • Establishing statewide soil-healthy farming goals: 5.75 million acres in soil-healthy practices by 2030, 11.5 million acres by 2035, and 23 million acres by 2040. ( )

  • Protecting and caring for our loved ones, and our lands, should guide our actions.

  • Successfully addressing global warming requires each of us to act.

Please join Citizens’ Climate Lobby and ask your Senators at (, President Biden ( and Representative Hagedorn (202) 225-2472 to protect our children’s future by pricing carbon with a dividend; creating a self-funding, strong, bipartisan climate solution that saves lives and grows our economy.
Please use your voice and join our action to protect our children.

Michael Overend

Two Harbors

Volunteer with Citizens' Climate Lobby of Duluth and Two Harbors

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