Letter: Many have received government help

Forgiveness of student loans is latest squabble.

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Letter to the Editor
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Dear Editor,

The recent squabble regarding the forgiveness of some student loans causes me to pause and reflect on the variety of ways which any such action affects us all while benefiting only the few. From savings and loans, farmers, automobile manufacturers, investment firms, and yes, billionaires who needed nothing more than to satisfy their own greed; our government has a long history of helping those in need or who have simply fallen victim to some bad judgment.

If you are looking to make an example out of the student loan issue, you might want to include all of the farmers, investment bankers, industrialists, and others who have availed themselves of the government’s help time and time again in the past. For those of you who insist that the wealthy keep the money flowing down to the significant underclass, which most of us represent, I suggest that you check into their off-shore banking practices and windfall profits at the expense of the masses. God bless America!!

Dennis Phelps

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