Letter: Murillo visits salt pool and world's tallest church

"In March I moved in with my new host family, the Schiebes in Satteldorf, a town that’s about three minutes away from Crailsheim."

Worthington-Crailsheim exchange
Nataly Najera Murillo (second from right) stands with the 2023-24 exchange student selected from Crailsheim, Sophia Göhler (second from left) in this photo taken in February.
Photo contributed by Nataly Najera Murillo

Dear Friends and Family in Worthington,

My name is Nataly Najera Murillo and I am Worthington’s 2022-23 Worthington-Crailsheim exchange student. We’ve just entered the spring season which is very different in Germany.

These past two months have been amazing, so let’s get started!

February was a pretty chill month. I visited a few places. One of the two places I visited with the Loresch family was a salt pool. It was really cool to go with them and to swim in a salt pool because you could easily float and lay in the water which was an amazing experience until the water got into your mouth!

The second place we went to visit was the Ulm Munster located in Ulm. It is one of the biggest churches in Germany and the tallest church in the world. It was an unbelievably beautiful work of architecture and the inside of the church was just as amazing!


I enjoyed my trips very much as it was my last trip with the Loresch family before moving on! I am really grateful to the Loresch family for hosting me and for treating me so well. I appreciate their kindness very much.

Another cool thing that happened in February was the election of the new Worthington and Crailsheim exchange students for the upcoming year! I would like to congratulate Cassandra Casian from Worthington and Sophia Göhler from Stimpfach near Crailsheim for being the new representatives for the 2023-24 Worthington-Crailsheim student exchange! I know they will enjoy this experience just as much as I have. My family and I are very excited to host Sophia when we fly home in July!

In March I moved in with my new host family, the Schiebes in Satteldorf, a town that’s about three minutes away from Crailsheim. My class went on a great field trip to Heilbronn to go ice skating! I had a lot of fun ice skating with friends and classmates! I also chose my dress for the Abschlussball, which in English, is like Prom.

During this month my fencing lessons have been more consistent and I’ve been going to that every Thursday, which I’m enjoying very much!

My time in Germany has been amazing but my exchange year is quickly coming to an end. It’s very sad to think about, but on the bright side I will get to return to my life in the USA and be reunited with friends and family. For right now, I am always enjoying my time to its fullest and waiting patiently for my sister to come visit me very soon!

Thank you to everyone supporting me and this program!


Nataly Najera Murillo
2022-23 Representative to Crailsheim

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