Letter: Public must hold political leaders accountable

Roger Baumann seeks restoration of the Constitution.

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Letter to the Editor

Who is responsible for the national debt to have reached $30 trillion? Democrats? Republicans? Corrupt politicians? Un-elected bureaucrats implementing rules and regulations? Or, is it the lazy, uninformed, misinformed, uninvolved citizenry?

All of the above?

A generation or two before us and those of us now living in the present have become apathetic and/or uncaring to the history that brought us to this point. One does not have to become a Constitutional scholar in order to see and know what a large part of the root cause is. All a person has to do is read and understand what the Founders spent months debating in providing us with a document that holds a second place only to the Bible in world history.

Specifically, the two house system of one body called the Senate and the House of Representatives whereby the House is a body of individuals directly elected by the people to represent the people and a Senate to represent the individual states. Because of the 17th Amendment, senators no longer represent the state from which they come, rather, they more represent the party to whom they claim allegiance.

The original intent for the formation of a Senate was for two senators to be “appointed” by the Legislature of each state and accountable absolutely to that Legislature. That no longer exists. The senators that are elected since 1913 are no longer held to account for their actions or votes for a period of six years.


The passage of bad or irresponsible bills has become less burdensome in the Senate because lobbyists have the money and power to influence a very small majority (51) people to do their bidding which affects the entire country. Much easier to do than attempting to influence 50 State Legislatures.

As a result of having all the power of influence in one place, Washington DC, means the people have no real control over the actions of our government. Spending projects, also known as “investments”, (previously called “pork projects” to favor big money supporters) have created some of the most wild eyed, frivolous spending in world history.

The Founders gave us a way out of this mess in Article V of our Constitution. A Convention of States. Seventeen states have signed on to this convention and there needs to be 17 more to call the convention.

In that convention it is highly possible to repeal the 17th Amendment. Also, the 16th. Those two alone can put the Federal Government back inside of the constitutional box where it belongs.

No longer would we have to adhere to overburdensome regulations, taxes and “INFRINGEMENTS” on our Constitutional God-given rights by a small minority of politicians residing in Washington D.C. Not a dream, but a reality — but only the people can make this happen.

Call your State Representatives and Senators and hold them accountable to the restoration of our Constitution and save our country.

Roger Baumann

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