Letter: Respect access restrictions at senior care facility

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Letter to the Editor

There has been extensive news coverage over the past several weeks about the impact of COVID- 19 on senior citizens. I want to take this opportunity to describe all we are doing to protect residents on the campus here at Maple Lawn Senior Care.

Since the pandemic first reached the United States, we have been coordinating with industry leaders and public health officials to establish clear safeguards and protocols to prevent transmission of the virus within our facility. These aggressive efforts include policies to limit outside visitors, suspension of group activities and embracing recommendations from the Center for Disease Control, such as requiring our employees to wear masks at all times, increasing handwashing and the enhanced use of gloves.

We know that our residents are at greater risk of infection during this pandemic. As the virus spreads, it is inevitable that some seniors and caregivers will be impacted despite all the protections that we have put in place.

Fortunately, we have not yet had a resident infected with COVID-19, but if it happens, we will inform family members, other residents and staff as we quarantine that individual and work with the Minnesota Department of Health on the best course of action to prevent the spread of the illness.

This episode has exposed a worldwide lack of preparedness for this public health crisis. Our nation has also struggled to manage acute shortages of protective equipment that all health care workers, including those who provide senior care, rely on to do their jobs. Caregivers in this country have made unprecedented sacrifices during this outbreak, but their exposure to this infection due to a lack of masks, gloves and sanitizers is a failure of the system that we are working to correct.


You can help support seniors and our caregivers by respecting the access restrictions that are necessary to protect our most vulnerable residents. We know it is difficult for families during this time, and we look forward to getting past this crisis so that loved ones can be reunited in our facilities.

Please continue to practice social distancing and follow the governor’s directives. The more we limit community transmission, the more we will protect vulnerable populations, including our seniors. Stay home, stay healthy.

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