Letter: Uninvolved people lead to lost freedoms

Writer encourages people to study the U.S. Constitution.

Globe Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Are we living in the twilight zone?

I wake every morning in an America that is looking more and more like a Third World dictatorship than a Constitutional republic. How the hell did that happen?

We are dealing with issues that have been put in place over decades that have nibbled away at our freedoms, liberties and property rights. Program after program that taxpayers have been paying for to be made available to people that have been coerced into believing that they have a Constitutional right to someone else’s labor. In other words, people that do nothing to earn money provided by those that have worked and earned that money through the force of government. Politicians like to call it “compassionate” when it should be called “legalized theft”.

Does anyone remember giving consent to this kind of garbage? We have a Constitution that our Founders gave us that gave the people the ability to govern ourselves. The Declaration of Independence in part reads: “...That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”


Have we become so apathetic, lazy, unconcerned, uninformed, inactive of our responsibilities to hold to account the people we elected? Can anyone name a local representative or senator at the state level that put the peoples rights rather than specific groups before anything else? Do any of the programs past or present benefit all the people or just a group? The same can be asked of our national representatives and senators. Who among us have given consent to these people to do what they have done to us?

We are no longer a free people. We are being governed, dictated to and mandated as if we were just part of the “masses”. Our individuality no longer exists. Our freedoms, our liberties and our property are now limited in our ownership of them. We have brought this all on ourselves by being uninvolved.

When you say or hear it said that “somebody should do something”, look in the mirror! You are the someone that needs to do something about it!

Read, study and live our Constitution and bring virtue, honor, principles and integrity back to America!

Roger Baumann


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