Letter: What has happened to morals and standards?

Ponto suggests people of patriotism, Christianity, respect and responsibility stand up and defend the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

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Letter to the Editor
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To the editor;

Morals and standards?

What has happened to our way of life today? What has happened to Respect, Responsibility, Patriotism and Christianity in this country and throughout the world?

Let’s focus first on “We the People” for the people. When people enter into government positions, they place their hand on the Good Book, raise their right hand, and swear the oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

With that thought then why are there those that start throwing out demands of changing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?


To me and many others, it looks like they just want to better themselves for power and money. Also, it keeps showing up that when a handful of legislators or any leaders in office throughout our country do not get their way, they scream racist and sexist. Maybe they should read the Good Book, the Constitution and follow the laws of our founding fathers.

What a vision they had when farmers and merchants fought and died against socialism and persecution to put together the Bill of Rights and the Constitution to make this the greatest country in the world. So, we the people of Patriotism, Christianity, Respect and Responsibility need to stand up and defend our rights.

Freedom does not come free, as we give thanks to those that have served and those that gave all for our freedom, even on the local level. Seems like a lot of our leaders don’t see that way except for a few.

Since legislators want to keep changing the laws, maybe we should make it law that only those that have served and are true Christians can serve our beloved country.

All in all, as true Americans we must stand up and keep the Faith, Patriotism, Respect and Responsibility going through our schools, community, government, and our social life.

Fly the flag and stand for it and kneel only for our Lord.

Verlon Ponto

Round Lake

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