Letter: Why trade with China?

With the continuing tariffs against China, I see this as a positive step. We need to concentrate on working toward self-sufficiency in this country. The Chinese are doing everything to undermine and destroy this country — from cyberattacks, identity theft. Intellectual property theft, suppressing Christian beliefs and bullying businesses in this country.

Also, just think of how much less insecticide, herbicide and fertilizer that would have to be put on the land, which would help protect the air, ground and water. As it stands now, we are poisoning ourselves and future generations. Just two weeks ago, they were spraying for aphids at an adjacent farm and the odor was so great we had to go inside. While attending an auction last week, they were spraying across the fence, and the odor was so strong we had to leave the area.

It is already bad enough that this is being done for U.S. consumption, much less selling the products to China. Why should we have to get cancer from being exposed to all these chemicals, and why should we have to stand by while Rural America becomes saturated with confinement barns that deplete our water resources and pollute our environment?

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