Letter: Worthington, proudly our home

Each and every day the Gaalswyk family is proud to call Worthington our home.

Each and every day we witness and receive acts of kindness and compassion from those we’re blessed to have as neighbors across our community.

Each and every day producers, business owners and educators connect local talent with gainful careers; promoting social and economic mobility.

Each and every day we experience the richness of differing celebrations and customs — all firmly grounded in the common principles of strong families, commitment to community and civility.

Each and every day we see the future of our region in the eyes of daughter and the optimistic faces of her joyful third-grade classmates in District 518.


Each and every day we witness the love and grace of mankind; neighbors caring for neighbors.

It is for these reasons the Gaalswyk family is proud to call Worthington our HOME.

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