Weber: Court ruling on permit 'nonsensical'

Bill Weber mug

Last month, the Minnesota Court of Appeals ordered the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) to reconsider a permit granted to Daley Farms in Lewiston, saying the permit did not adequately consider the potential effects of greenhouse gas emissions from the planned 1,500-cow expansion.

I am really disappointed in the Court’s decision to reverse the permit granted to Daley Farms. Notwithstanding the Court’s nonsensical rationale, the decision could have far-reaching implications for farmers and farm families in Minnesota as the first case in which farms are regulated based on greenhouse gas emissions.

Like many family-owned small businesses, the Daley family was looking to expand operations and continue its legacy. But even after an arduous review process and comprehensive public comment period that led to the MPCA issuing the necessary permits to double the feedlot’s capacity, certain environmental ‘advocacy’ groups appear to be bent on stopping agriculture dead in its tracks. As the next steps are considered, I remain confident the project will continue to meet MPCA standards and move forward.

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