Looking Back - 2005: Area helps after Katrina

One year ago Tony Hastings began work as the new assistant principal at Worthington Middle School. Hastings had previously taught for 16 years at Sartell-based Benton Stearns Voyager, a small school catering to students with emotional and behavio...

One year ago

Tony Hastings began work as the new assistant principal at Worthington Middle School. Hastings had previously taught for 16 years at Sartell-based Benton Stearns Voyager, a small school catering to students with emotional and behavioral disorders.

The city of Adrian was set to put out a call for bids on a 13,000 square-foot addition to the Adrian Care Center. The addition was to consist of a 10-bed assisted living complex and 10-bed memory care unit, to be constructed on the south side of the nursing home.

Playing this week at Northland Cinema 5, Worthington, were "District 9," "Inglourious Basterds," "The Time Traveler's Wife," "G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra," and "The Final Destination."

Five years ago


Torben Schaefer was the 2005-06 exchange student to Worthington from Crailsheim, Germany, and had recently arrived in the area.

The first 2005 game for the Worthington High School football team -- a contest against conference rival Pipestone -- was forfeited due to rules violations. It was determined at Wednesday afternoon's practice that several members of the team had violated Minnesota State High School League rules during the summer recess. The team's second game of the season was also in jeopardy.

Five buses from Worthington departed Friday night for a location near hurricane-ravaged New Orleans. Their contents included donations of water, personal hygiene items, snacks, toys and more for those displaced or otherwise negatively affected by Hurricane Katrina.

10 years ago

The former Luverne Elementary School reopened as a 37-unit apartment complex, known as City Centre Apartments.

Work began on a remodeling project inside Worthington Regional Hospital, and on a parking lot project on the building's west side. An expanded and extended entry, plus a larger waiting and reception area, an admitting office, a new gift shop and a handicapped-accessible restroom were all part of the project.

A record high increase in oil prices was expected to result in area consumers paying more for their natural gas and heating oil this winter. Prices for fuel oil and diesel fuel were currently 31 cents higher per gallon than the previous year at the same time.

Becky Cselovski was the new superintendent for Southwest Star Concept schools.


25 years ago

An estimated 175 motorcycles made the trip from Worthington to Sioux Falls to raise funds for muscular dystrophy research. Rainsuits were the appropriate uniforms for the 60-mile ride along I-90, but the report was that there was no rain when the bikers arrived to make their contributions.

Larry Keithahn of Minneapolis shot a 2-under-par 69 to win the Worthington Classic Golf Tournament at the Worthington Country Club. Keithahn had been a regular participant in the annual Labor Day Classic but had never previously won the tournament.

David Wirwahn, 35, was the new director of the Southwest Minnesota Arts and Humanities Council. He was the organization's third director in less than two years.

The office of Carey-Peterson and Associates, Mutual Security Life Insurance Co., moved from its former 10th Street location to 290 Lake St., Worthington. Agency members included Marvin Rall, Arlow Carey, Rich Morin and John Peterson.

50 years ago

On sale this week at Johnson's Red Owl were half gallons of ice cream (including flavor of the month, Texas pecan) for 69 cents, five seven-ounce cans of chunk tuna for $1, three 46-ounce cans of Libby tomato juice for 89 cents, six 21-ounce cans of Van Camp's pork & beans for $1, and a 12-ounce carton of Farmdale cottage cheese for 23 cents.

Superintendent E. A. Durbahn stated there would be 134 instructors and administrators for the current school year in the six local schools: Worthington Junior College, Central Elementary School, West Elementary School, Worthington Junior High School, Worthington Senior High School and the Southwest Minnesota Crippled Children's School. This was an increase of 10 faculty members to accommodate record enrollment at each of the school facilities.


The "featured firm of the month" was Heles Supply Co., Inc., of Worthington's South Shore drive.

North Central Airlines at Worthington completed the first "year that counts" on official Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) records. Between Aug. 31, 1959, and Aug. 31, 1960, Worthington boarded 2,063 passengers on airliners here, 263 more than the 1,800 minimum required by the CAB.

75 years ago

Oscar J. Larson, who would have reached his 76th birthday on Sept. 2, died at his home on Ninth Street (Worthington) Wednesday afternoon following a long illness. Larson was born in Helsingborg, Sweden, in 1859 and came to this country Sept. 4, 1881. He located at Cedar Fork, Mich., that fall and worked in the northern Michigan lumber camps until the spring of 1882 when he came to Worthington and entered the railway service, in which he worked until his retirement a few years ago. He and his wife, Charlotte, had six children, of whom three survived.

Worthington was swarming with Minnesota athletes Monday, when a crew of state highway workers were in the vicinity installing the patented new lights on curves in the paving on the trunk highway. Better known names were those of Wayne Slocum, track star who hails from Wilmont, and Charles Schulz "Bud" Svendsen, Russ Will and Frank Chase, grid stars. George Gustafson, Ray Hass, George Kaufman, Charles Kellingson, Louis Meshbesher and Dan Reedy were also in the party.

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