WORTHINGTON -- Emma Thuringer is like a lot of high school athletes in that she’s busy.

Very busy, in fact. She performs in volleyball in the fall, basketball in the winter and track and field in the spring.

And sports takes up a lot of her time in the summer, too.

But she’s also like a lot of other athletes in another respect. She loves to play. It’s a balancing act, you might say -- with the balance tipped in favor of sports.

“Sometimes I feel like throughout all my sports that I do get too busy, and I just need to get a couple days off. But after those couple days I’m good. I’m ready to go,” she said.

“During the summer, it’s pretty much consistently sports. I have open gym, sometimes two of them a day, two leagues a day. Then I go and play basketball in Sioux Falls, so my summer is definitely full of sports.”

When pressed, the Worthington Trojan senior says basketball is probably her favorite sport, in part because it was the first sport she spent a lot of time with. But she likes the other sports, too. It’s hard to choose.

Some high school athletes specialize. Not Thuringer. She enjoys all three of her sports, and she’s good in all of them. In volleyball, she is a team leader and has learned to be dangerous both at the net and in the back row. In basketball, she’s a scorer and a ball-handler. In track, she is an excellent 400-meter runner who’s also strong in the jumps.

Thuringer and her Trojans open Section 2AA volleyball competition Thursday at Pipestone Area. The Globe found Emma on the volleyball court recently and peppered her with questions about her sporting activities. You can find the interview online at www.dglobe.com and watch a video there. Here is a sampling of her interview responses:

QUESTION: How have you improved as a volleyball player? What is the hardest thing to do to be a good volleyball player, in your view?

ANSWER: “Throughout my years as a volleyball player I think I’ve gotten a lot better at my passing, like my play in the back row, and then being aggressive and being a leader on the court. And I think that the hardest thing to do in volleyball is to have a good mental toughness and be focused enough to make the plays successfully.”

Q: How do you think the Worthington volleyball team is doing this year? What does the team do well?

A: “This year our volleyball team is a really different mix of girls than we ever had. And I think we’re doing really well for having so many young girls. We’ve all grown together and learned how to play together really well. Something we’re really good at would be fighting -- like when we’re behind we can fight and come back.”

Q: After you graduate, do you plan to go to college? Will you play sports in college?

A: “After I graduate I plan to go to college. I haven’t quite got it all figured out yet, but I plan to go to college somewhere and I’d love to play sports. But sometimes it doesn’t quite look like it’s in the cards. I’ll have to wait and see.”