WORTHINGTON -- Worthington Area Girls Softball (WAGS) teams are preparing to start their summer game schedules on the week of July 6.

WAGS president Rachel Ponto said there will be three local teams this year, 10U, 14U and 18U. There will not be a 12U team due to a lack of players.

“The COVID kind of messed everything up,” said Ponto. “We’re always about the competitiveness and the fun. This year we’re just more about getting them out there.”

Coronavirus issues, just like they’ve affected every other summer activity, also affected girls fast-pitch softball. Not only numbers a little bit down generally, but there might not be a state tournament this season.

“We have about 10 to 12 on each team. Usually our biggest team is our 10 and 12 teams. Last year we had enough 10-year-olds to have two teams,” Ponto said.

Worthington teams have been practicing for most of June, usually a couple of times weekly at the Round Lake gymnasium where batting skills -- including slapping the ball and bunting the ball -- were stressed.

Participation prices were lowered this year, in part due to fewer games. Players paid $50 to participate, and there was also a $45 deposit for each jersey.

Local 10U and 14U teams will play mostly Mondays and Wednesdays, with the 18U team playing mostly Tuesdays and Thursdays. Home games will be at Centennial Field or the college field.