The Big South Conference will follow MSHSL recommendations for spectator attendance this

winter. The premise of limiting attendance is based on these goals:

1. Keep all students, coaches, officials and event staff safe.

2. Keep all students in school in the least restrictive learning model possible.

3. Give all students the opportunity to participate in activities.

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4. MDH mandate – No gathering of >150 or 25% of venue capacity, whichever is


● Each rostered person (athlete/manager/statistician/cheerleader/coach) will be given two

(2) event specific passes to distribute as they wish.

● This plan follows the strongest recommendations of the MSHSL and MDH


*Varsity/B-squad/C-Squad Boys/Girls Basketball

*Varsity/JV Gymnastics

*Varsity.JV Wrestling

*Dance Team

*Varsity/JV Boys and Girls Hockey

● Passes will be checked in on site at each event. Passes may not be used more than one

time per event. BSC official passes are valid at all BSC sites for regular season events.

● Concessions will not be available in order to limit contact points and gathering.

● Masks are mandatory for all spectators at all indoor Big South Conference events.

● Spectators are asked to socially distance themselves away from those not in their

immediate families to the best of their ability. Please sit in family units when possible and

should remain in close proximity only with that unit the entire event.

● Only those individuals who possess a Big South Conference specific pass will be allowed


● The Big South Conference spectator attendance plan is subject to change at any time

and will be reevaluated as new guidelines come forward.


Wrestling: The home team will wrestle the 1st and 3rd matches of a tri and the home spectators

may be asked to leave during the 2nd match if the venue is at capacity.

Gymnastics: Due to facility configuration and capacity in some facilities, spectators may be

restricted further, or disallowed completely.

Basketball: Spectators attending the c-squad games may be asked to exit the facility

immediately following the completion of that game. Additionally, some C squad games may have

capacity constraints that limit the number of spectators allowed in those venues. Venue-specific

protocols will be shared by the host school to the visiting teams.

Hockey: Due to capacity in some facilities, it may be necessary for spectators to exit following

one game prior to the start of a second game (i.e JV/Var or girl/boy doubleheader) or to further

limit attendance to meet 25% capacities.