SLAYTON -- Christian Kuball is one of the fastest players on the Murray County Central football team. He’s strong, having qualified at 182 pounds last season for the Minnesota state wrestling tournament.

The 5-10, 190-pound Rebel could make an outstanding tight end. Or a wide receiver. Or better yet, perhaps, a running back.

But Kuball is instead a three-time All-District left guard and defensive tackle. Credit his coaches for thinking outside the box.

“I think it was ninth-grade year,” Kuball recalls, “I was playing running back and coach, I don’t know, just moved me to line one day. I figured out everything. I can block well. And I’m fast, I can get to the tackles just like a backer would do.

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“What I like about playing on the line is, I like blocking for someone and letting them score.”

The Rebels are state-ranked and enjoying a very good fall football season, and if you’re a running back working behind Kuball, you’ve got to be happy their teammate was moved out of the backfield and into the trenches.

The uniquely gifted senior says he wasn’t a very good wrestler until his sophomore year, when he began to win more consistently. He liked winning, so he began working hard in the weight room and doing everything else he could do to get the most out of his talent

Kuball also participates in track and field, running in the 4-by-100, the 4-by-200, the 4-by-400 and sometimes the 100-meter dash. He also competes in the shot put where, again, he began poorly. But through hard work and repetition, he has upped his throws from 25 to 30 feet to 46.

You can see a video of this week’s Globe Drill subject by going online at and searching under videos. Here’s a sample of the interview:

QUESTION: How have you gotten your inspiration?

ANSWER: “What pushed me the most was the grade ahead of me. They were always good in the offseason and they were always happy with sports. They always worked hard. I just liked following them.”

QUESTION: Tell us something about you that not everyone knows.

ANSWER: “My favorite hobby is, like, working on 4-wheelers and going on trips with my buddies. I just like fixing up things. … When I started working on 4-wheelers and stuff, before that I had a bicycle and I was like, hmmmm, I wonder if I could put a motor on there. I looked on the Internet and I found these bike kits, so I put a motor on a bicycle and it went, like, 40 miles an hour. And I’d drive that ever since I was 16. I would drive it to practice, anywhere in town, and that’s when it all started.”

QUESTION: Have you made plans for after you graduate?

ANSWER: “When I graduate high school, I’m thinking -- I don’t know -- I kind of want to move down to Florida and do underwater welding, or go to tech school and do engineering.”