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The Drill: Sibley-Ocheyedan’s Grant Brouwer leaps to the forefront

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SIBLEY, Iowa -- To say Sibley-Ocheyedan’s Grant Brouwer is full of surprises is no overstatement.

The senior three-sport star literally burst onto the track and field scene as a sophomore, going from not qualifying for the Iowa state high jump competition as a freshman to placing second overall in Class 2A. He added a third-place medal to that a year later. And in cross country, he finished ninth and seventh in successive years at state Class 1A meets.

The 6-3 Brouwer -- who plans to attend Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa, next year -- established himself as one of northwest Iowa’s premier high school basketball players last season. He’s got all the tools -- a sweet shot, rebounding ability, and of course lots of leaping ability. He dunks the ball easily in Generals practice sessions while getting ready for the 2018-19 season, and his unusual athleticism is evident as he dribbles the ball around teammates and sets his sights on the rim.

Give him credit for maintaining personal convictions that aren’t necessarily popular with others. His favorite professional sports team is the Boston Celtics. His favorite college sports team (this ought to illicit a few winces) is the Duke Blue Devils.

Outside of that, Brouwer -- who was named to the first-team All-Siouxland Conference boys basketball team last year -- seems all right. When he’s not participating in his high school athletic activities, he likes to go bow hunting for deer and turkeys, or pheasant hunting. He says the persons who most inspire him in sports are his parents, both of whom participated in high school sports, too. He even has a unique family nickname that he goes by.

The Globe interviewed the peerless General for The Drill recently. You can go online to see the video at Here’s a sample of the interview:

QUESTION: Why do people call you G-Pup?

ANSWER: My dad originally came up with that nickname for me. It’s kind of a close family nickname for me between my dad and my cousins. They’re the only ones who call me that. No one else really does.”

QUESTION: What’s with Duke?

ANSWER: “Duke is my favorite because, growing up, my dad has always liked them throughout his whole life. So I just kind of adopted that as my favorite college sports team. Yeah, I’m aware that not a lot of people like Duke.”

QUESTION: How would you describe yourself as a basketball player? What do you see as your role for this year’s Sibley-Ocheyedan team? What’s your game?

ANSWER: “My role for the basketball team is to score the ball. Last year, for defense, I was not as good, but this year I think I really upped my game in that. In the weight room this summer quite a bit, that’s how I built up my defensive role with the team.”