Dominic Burns: Chapter and book at The Globe, one article at a time

A stint as a stringer at the hometown newspaper has turned into a full time position. What goes around comes around for this sports fan.

Dominic Burns
Dominic Burns
Tim Middagh / The Globe
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It is feeling like a season of deja vu this December, a throwback of sorts to the long ago time of 2017. I was a senior in high school at that time, a few months returned from my year as an exchange student in the sister city of Crailsheim, Germany.

In search of spending money, I had taken a job at Hy-Vee, and that is where my time at the Daily Globe started. Ryan McGaughey, the editor at the time, came down my checkout lane, one thing led to another and by the time Ryan left with his groceries, I had somehow secured an opportunity to interview for a floating position in the sports department.

I was very late to that interview, I had gotten into a fender-bender in the high school parking lot. I thought there was no way I was ever going to get hired, but sure enough Doug and Ryan saw just enough in me to stick it out.

I wound up working for three years at the Globe as a stringer writer. My first non-nightly roundup assignment was a Worthington Trojan gymnastics meet. It was fun, exciting, and nerve-racking. I had little to no clue as to how gymnastics was scored, but I made it through. I joke now with Doug that the real scary part was having him read through it, and correct all my silly teenage capitalization habits.

I was probably one of the longest lasting high school stringers to work for the Globe. As I stuck around town to study at Minnesota West, the Globe job remained part of my life. I credit Doug Wolter, Ryan McGaughey and Aaron Hagen for the positive influence and impact that they had on my writing.


Now, though, is the start to my second stint at the Globe, this time not as a stringer but as a full fledged reporter. I am excited for the return to the Globe, and I look forward to writing columns and articles capturing the stories of the athletes and the games they play.

I wasn’t late to the interview this time around, nor did I partake in any automobile accident -- a great plus, in my opinion.

There is growth in Worthington athletics as well, with Worthington Community FC preparing for its inaugural season in summer 2023 as a semi-pro team. There are many great area teams, athletes, coaches, trainers, and volunteers in southwest Minnesota, and I am looking forward to covering and sharing their stories with the Globe.

WORTHINGTON -- Morris-Benson started well in both games, sweeping the Worthington Trojans girls and boys hockey teams on Saturday.
The Worthington Trojans earned their highest ever place at a Minnesota Class A True Team meet with a score of 174.525. Big Lake won the meet with a score of 176.2.
WORTHINGTON – Injuries and fouls plagued the Worthington Trojans girl’s basketball team in a Big South Conference contest against stalwart St. Peter on Friday night. The Saints defeated the Trojans 74-53.

Sports have always been a great interest of mine. The first season of Minnesota Vikings football I watched was the 2009 year, which started great with an Adrian Peterson rumble against the Browns, before ending sour with an atrocious Favre pick against the Saints. My interest in sports has never been greatly rewarded, but I like to think I am nowhere near as tortured as known Detroit devotee Doug Wolter, a second great plus in my direction.

It’s a lot like returning home, in a sense. My time at the Globe ended so abruptly in my last year at Minnesota West and the start of the pandemic that it felt like this chapter was not completed.

Now as I am able to start again, it is clear to see that there are countless pages left to write.

Dominic Burns is a reporter at the Globe who covers general news and sports.
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