The Drill: Trojans’ Rogers likes contact, embraces leadership role


WORTHINGTON -- Tough, physical football is what head coach Gene Lais and the Worthington High School coaching staff desires in its 2018 roster of players. One player you can count on for aggressive play is 6-foot, 200-pound senior Turner Rogers.

In his preseason comments, Lais described Rogers as a good blocker who likes contact. Rogers, himself, like a true practitioner of the autumn game, describes himself as someone who enjoys rainy or muddy weather -- football weather, in other words. Of course, he’s not afraid to get dirty. Kind of likes it, in fact.

Rogers, who comes from a sports-minded family, plays football and baseball for the Trojans. He was a fullback last year on the football team. This year, he’s been moved to tight end on offense. He’s a middle linebacker on defense.

The Globe interviewed Rogers as practices for the new football season were well under way. You can hear what he says, and see video footage, online at Here’s a sample of the interview:

QUESTION: Football players can’t be afraid of contact, and you’re a player who seems to thrive on it. What is usually your approach when you get the football?

ANSWER: “When I get the football, I’d rather run through somebody than around them. I’m not the quickest guy, so I wouldn’t have the best chance to go around them. So I like to go through ‘em.”

QUESTION: You’re looked upon as a team leader this year. What leadership qualities do you think you have, and how will you be an emotional leader with the Trojans?

ANSWER: “I feel like I’m a verbal leader, because during practices when people are kind of down, getting their heads down and not being very loud, I’ll be the one to start yelling and get people ready to go for the next play.”

QUESTION: You’re a Rogers, so you have some family history with sports. Can you tell us about some Rogers family members who influenced you in your sports activities?

ANSWER: “Two older brothers, Tanner and Torey Rogers, they both played baseball and football in high school. I feel like they influenced me quite a bit in the sports that I play. They’re the ones that never lie to me. So if I had a bad game, they would tell me. Grandparents, they would say, ‘Oh, good job!’”

QUESTION: Do you see some similarities between baseball and football?

ANSWER: “Baseball is a very important team sport, just like football. It’s not all about one person. You have to be a team, and you have to work hard together with your team to accomplish great things.”