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The Drill: Hard-working, humble Hamman leads on the links for MCC

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SLAYTON -- Abby Hamman is in her junior year of varsity golf at Murray County Central High School. But she’s already participated in three state tournaments.

The smooth-swinging, highly competitive Hamman is one of the top girl prep linksters in the state, but she doesn’t really look the part. She’s of slim build. She’s warm and easygoing to talk to, always keeping her fire hidden -- certainly not the Tiger Woods type.

Yet, her coach maintains that Abby has everything it takes to bury her challengers, which she has done time and time again. Hamman has an outstanding work ethic, said veteran MCC coach Kim DeLong. Though she’s blessed with a fun personality, she’s tough on herself when it comes to her sport. A natural athlete, she possesses a natural swing.

Oh yeah, added DeLong. She’s humble, too.

Hamman, who also competes in basketball at MCC, competed in her first state golf tournament at the conclusion of her eighth-grade season. Two years ago as a freshman she finished 15th overall in the state Class A tourney. Last year as a sophomore she was seventh -- just nine strokes off of first place.

The Globe decided it was high time to feature Abby Hamman in a Drill episode. So we did. We caught her on a rainy day at the Slayton Country Club, and held the interview indoors to protect us from gray skies and very soggy grounds.

It’s been a tough spring for MCC golfers this year. For most of the season, only a few SCC holes were playable due to heavy rainfall. Through it all, however, the sweet-swinging Hamman has continued strong.

You can see our video of Abby online at Here’s a sampling of the interview:

QUESTION: When did you begin golfing? Who introduced you to the sport?

ANSWER: “My parents introduced me to the sport. They got me a plastic set when I was really young. And I used to carry it around in the yard. And I just loved it ever since.”

QUESTION: Are you super competitive? What’s that inner fire in you?

ANSWER: “Yeah, I would say I’m super competitive because I’m hard on myself. I just want to do the best that I can all the time.”

QUESTION: Do you have a favorite memory from your sports experiences -- something that you’ll always remember?

ANSWER: “My favorite memory from golf practice is when me and my friend Vanessa were golfing on hole No. 2 and she hit a ball into the sand over there. And then we both tried to get it out but we, like, sank. So, like, our whole feet and everything just went right in the sand. And we couldn’t get out.”

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