Gymnastics: Trojans hit 144.60

BY AARON HAGEN The Globe WORTHINGTON -- Taylor Eggers thought it was the best meet of the year. And it wasn't just because the Worthington gymnastics team won, which it did. Or that the Trojans scored a lot of points, which also happened. "I thin...


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WORTHINGTON -- Taylor Eggers thought it was the best meet of the year.

And it wasn’t just because the Worthington gymnastics team won, which it did.

Or that the Trojans scored a lot of points, which also happened.


“I think we did amazing. I think it was one of our best meets of the year,” Eggers said. “It wasn’t just the scores, it was how we all came together and we were there for each other and cheering and all that stuff.”

Worthington finished with a team score of 144.60 on Thursday night against Pipestone Area. The Arrows had a team score of 114.025.

“Overall, it was a really good meet,” WHS head coach Joni Reitmeier said. “We started off really good on bars. We went to vault and had really good vaults. Beam, everybody wants to talk about beam, but overall our beam was actually pretty good. We had to count a couple of falls, but at least the girls who did fall, they got up and finished the routine and mentally showed that they know they need to finish out strong. I was really proud of that. Then we ended on floor. We have a few things we need to clean up on floor, we know that. But besides that, they were really good routines.”

Worthington’s high score came on the vault, where it scored a 37.225. WHS had a 36.70 on the floor, 36.275 on the beam and 34.40 on the bars.

“I think we performed really, really good,” Worthington’s Maria Contreras said. “It was really good. I feel like once we fall, we’ve learned how to get back up and push that aside and finish the routine solid.”

Thursday was also a big night in other ways. It was “Meet the Trojans” night as well as senior night where Contreras and Claire Ludes were honored.

“Both of these girls have been amazing, not only gymnasts, but they are amazing young women,” Reitmeier said. “They’ve been with me for a super long time. I’ve been blessed to be able to see them grow up and flourish, not only in the gym, but outside of the gym. Both are extremely smart and intelligent young women. Their future is bright.”

Contreras was first on the bars, second on the vault and third on both the beam and the floor.


“I think I did pretty good,” she said. “There are some spots I could have done better, but I’m proud of what I did today. I think I did floor pretty good and vault was really good for me.”

In the final regular-season home meet for Contreras, she also finished second on the all-around.

“It’s unreal. I still can’t process that I’m a senior,” Contreras said. “I try not to get emotional, but yeah, it was.”

Contreras scored a 36.450 in the all around, and was in a tight battle all night with Taylor Eggers, who was first with a 36.825.

“Me and Maria have a really healthy competition,” Eggers said. “We push each other to be the best that we can be. When one of us does bad, we know we can count on the other to pick it back up for us. And that’s for any other teammate too. Having Maria at the same skill level as me really pushes me to keep up with her.”

Eggers won the vault, beam and floor to go with the all-around title. She was second on the bars.

“I think it was probably one of my best nights of the year too,” Eggers said. “I had little bobbles here and there.”

One key for the Trojans on Thursday was the solid scores put up by the first gymnasts on each rotation.


“It’s always nice in gymnastics, I refer to it as the snowball effect,” Reitmeier said. “When the first girls hits, it energizes the next girl and the next girl. You see that, especially on floor routines. The first girl nails it and you can see that building. Balance beam is the same way. If the first girl hits or has a decent routine, it kind of takes a little pressure off.”

For Eggers, who is typically one of the last performers on each apparatus, it took some pressure off once a teammate put up a good score.

“I’m obviously happy for the person. It feels good knowing the person before me did a good job and it gets me going for my routine. It’s like, ‘Oh, they had a good routine, so I can have a good routine, too.’” Eggers said. “If there is one score up there, you can let your guard down. You still obviously want to get a high score.”

Eggers had a 9.45 on the vault, while Contreras had a 9.425. Gracia Elias was third with a 9.25. Contreras had an 8.85 on the bars, while Eggers scored an 8.80 and Elias had an 8.45 to finish third. Eggers won the beam with a 9.275, while Abby Bristow was second with a 9.2. Contreras scored a 9.05. Eggers’ score of 9.3 won her the floor, while Bristow had a 9.225 to finish second. Contreras finished with a 9.125. Elias was also third in the all around with a 35.50.

In the junior varsity competition, WHS had a 136.50. The Arrows scored a 105.45.

Bristow won the vault with a 9.2, while Autumn Drahota won the bars with an 8.35. Marlena Garza was first on the beam with an 8.65, while Presley Eggers was first on the floor with a 9.05. Drahota took the all around with a 33.6, while Ludes was second with a 33.2.   

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