Nobles County Speedway: Green of Granada gets hard-fought win

BY STEVE ZWEMKE WORTHINGTON -- Defending Holley USRA Iron Man Challenge Stock Car champion Derek Green of Granada, Minnesota earned an extremely hard fought series win at Nobles County Speedway Saturday night. Starting on the pole was nice, but s...



  WORTHINGTON -- Defending Holley USRA Iron Man Challenge Stock Car champion Derek Green of Granada, Minnesota earned an extremely hard fought series win at Nobles County Speedway Saturday night.  Starting on the pole was nice, but still Green was hunted by several drivers throughout the feature.  Lynn Panos of Calmar, Iowa was the driver who threw the biggest wrench at Green as he had even taken the lead at one point.  Green grabbed it back, having great success diamond cutting turns one and two in the A-Main.  Dylan Fitzpatrick, Colby Klassen and Luke Sathoff also ran closely in the top five heaping more pressure on Green.  Sathoff and Fitzpatrick wound up send and third respectively when the checkers fell on the Worthington Glass USRA Stock Cars.  Dillion Anderson of Decorah, Iowa left Nobles County Speedway with the USRA Iron Man Challenge points lead.  Anderson’s 402 points tops Lynn Panos by 28.

  Miah Christensen of Sioux Falls, South Dakota jumped out of his car as the night’s Out-Pace Racing Products USRA Iron Man Challenge B-Modified winner.  Justin Luinenberg of Reading, Minnesota led most of the feature from the pole.  Christensen, who started seventh, capitalized on a late restart to steal the lead and race to the win.  Ray Feltman and Dave Kennedy made it an all-Sioux Falls top three in the Fulda Auto Center B-Modified A-Main.  Feltman came from ninth to second.  Kennedy, who started alongside Luinenberg on the front row, bounced around in the top five before settling for third.  Iron Man points leader Dan Hovden of Decorah, Iowa started and finished sixth.

  An incredible 34 DeRuyter Pallets USRA Hobby Stocks dropped in for opening night.  Austin Jahnz of Lewisville, Minnesota led most of the race while battling with Tyler Pospisil of Fulda, Minnesota.  Meanwhile, four-time defending USRA National Hobby Stock champion Dustin Gulbrandson was moving up from his 12th place starting position.  A veteran move late in the race propelled Gulbrandson past the top two cars and race on to the opening night victory.  Hometown racer Malik Sampson passed one more car than Gulbrandson in coming from 14th to second.  Nick Schilling was third ahead of front row starters Jahnz and Dawson DeBoer.


  The Sybesma Graphics NCS Sportsman class ended in excitement.  Marni DeBoer of Little Rock, Iowa was leading an incredibly close group of three cars that also included Rick Egan and Jason Bradley.  The leaders came up on slower cars on the final lap and, like a surgeon, Bradley carved out the right line to top his running mates for the win.

  The Afterhour Graphics, Tees & More USRA Tuners were the first feature.  After a couple of laps, Kent Miller took the lead away from Bubba Brown.  USRA national points leader Nate Coopman closed a sizeable gap over the last two laps, coming from eighth, but Miller was able to hang on for an exciting win.  Stephanie Coopman ran with the leaders throughout the event, finishing third.

  A total of 94 cars signed in on Marthaler Automotive of Worthington Night.  Fareway Foods of Worthington served as the evening’s Junior Fan Club sponsor.

  This Saturday, June 9, Nobles County Speedway’s races are presented by Bushard Financial Services of Marshall.  All four USRA classes will race in addition to the NCS Sportsman.  Plus, the Late Model Street Stock traveling series and the Micro Sprint Cars will make their first appearances of the season.  Hot laps start at 7:00 p.m.  Racing follows.  Log onto  for more information or check out NCS’s Facebook page.




June 2, 2018



  A Feature: 1. Derek Green (Granada, MN), 2. Luke Sathoff (Jackson, MN), 3. Dylan Fitzpatrick (Sioux Falls, SD), 4. Lynn Panos (Calmar, (IA), 5. Colby Klassen (Little Rock, IA), 6. Dillion Anderson (Decorah, IA), 7. Elijah Zevenbergen (Ocheydan, IA), 8. Darrin Korthals (Rock Rapids, IA), 9. Spencer Kalass (Luverne, MN), 10. Kyle Falck (Decorah, IA), 11. Rich Gregoire (Russell, MN), 12. Taylor Willms (Willmar, MN), 13. Levi Feltman (Jackson, MN), 14. Gary Mattison (Lamberton, MN), 15. Stefan Sybesma (Sanborn, IA), 16. Roger Verdoorn (Sibley, IA), 17. Daniel Eckblad (St. Peter, MN), 18. Dean Cornelius (New Prague, MN), 19. Matt Schauer (Arlington, MN), 20. Dustin Larson (Worthington, MN), 21. Jon DeBoer (Little Rock, IA), 22. Jesse Brown (Nashua, IA), DNS: Andrew Hulstein (Apple Valley, MN)

  Heat Winners: Lynn Panos, Derek Green, Dylan Fitzpatrick


  A Feature: 1. Miah Christensen (Sioux Falls, SD), 2. Ray Feltman (Sioux Falls, SD), 3. Dave Kennedy (Sioux Falls, SD), 4. Justin Luinenberg (Reading, MN), 5. Thor Anderson (Rock Valley, IA), 6. Dan Hovden (Decorah, IA), 7. Cole Christensen (Sioux Falls, SD), 8. Chris Goetz (Centerville, SD), 9. Tyler Tesch (Lennox, SD), 10. Devon Schlumbohm (Sioux Falls, SD), 11. Dan Ross (Worthington, MN), 12. Trevor Tesch (Worthing, SD), 13. Cole Suckow (Cresco, IA), 14. Bob Gilliland (Sioux Falls, SD), 15. Nick Schmidt (Baltic, SD), 16. Randy Klein (Currie, MN), 17. Jesse Pergande (Armstrong, IA), 18. Curt Ahlers (Flandreau, SD), 19. Andrew Ahlers (Baltic, SD), 20. Andrew Hulstein (Apple Valley, MN), DNS: Ben Moudry (Hastings, MN)

  Heat Winners: Randy Klein, Miah Christensen, Justin Luinenberg


  A Feature: 1. Dustin Gulbrandson (Sioux Falls, SD), 2. Malik Sampson (Worthington, MN), 3. Nick Schilling (Sanborn, IA), 4. Austin Jahnz (Lewisville, MN), 5. Dawson DeBoer (Little Rock, IA), 6. Greg Sidles (Emmetsburg, IA), 7. Shaun Taylor (Sioux Falls, SD), 8. Alex Wiertzema (Little Rock, IA), 9. Tyler Pospisil (Fulda, MN), 10. Dylan Vanden Top (Rock Rapids, IA), 11. Trevor Kracht (Luverne, MN), 12. Ernie Dailey (Worthington, MN), 13. Jason Bradley (Sioux Falls, SD), 14. Ryan Mulder (Harrisburg, SD), 15. Chris Plamann (Hutchinson, MN), 16. Tracy Halouska (Worthing, SD), 17. Corey Gronewald (Worthington, MN), 18. Tom Kracht (Luverne, MN), 19. Tyler Schlumbohm (Sioux Falls, SD), 20. Justin Luinenberg (Reading, MN), 21. Travis Christensen (Sioux Falls, SD), 22. Dan Strandberg (Worthington, MN), DNS: John Ross (Worthington, MN), Keeran Sampson (Worthington, MN)


  B Feature: 1. John Ross (Worthington, MN), 2. Alex Wiertzema (Little Rock, IA), 3. Keeran Sampson (Worthington, MN), 4. Ryan Mulder (Harrisburg, SD), 5. Corey Gronewald (Worthington, MN), 6. Trevor Kracht (Luverne, MN), 7. Tracy Halouska (Worthing, SD), 8. Travis Christensen (Sioux Falls, SD), 9. Nick Janssen (Sioux Falls, SD), 10. Joel Norris (Sioux Falls, SD), 11. Eric Beman (Sioux Falls, SD), 12. Josh Froseth (Sioux Falls, SD), 13. Blake Luinenberg (Worthington, MN), 14. Scott Jones, 15. Ryan Westman (Ormsby, MN), 16. Jake Manitz (Sibley, IA), 17. Josh Bradley (Harrisburg, SD), 18. Jason Scott (Sioux Falls, SD)

  Heat Winners: Nick Schilling, Dustin Gulbrandson, Tyler Schlumbohm, Justin Luinenberg


  A Feature: 1. Jason Bradley (Sioux Falls, SD), 2. Marni DeBoer (Little Rock, IA), 3. Rick Egan (Sioux Falls, SD), 4. Roger DeBoer (Rock Rapids, IA), 5. Jaeden Strandberg (Worthington, MN), 6. Elana Schoenaman (Rock Rapids, IA), 7. Todd Koppen (Adrian, MN)

  Heat Winner: Marni DeBoer


  A Feature: 1. Kent Miller (Milroy, MN), 2. Nate Coopman (Mankato, MN), 3. Stephanie Coopman (Mankato, MN), 4. Bubba Brown (Jackson, MN), 5. Austin Friedich (St. James, MN), 6. Dan Jensen (Slayton, MN), 7. Scott Espey (Alpha, MN), 8. Brock Klaith (Marshall, MN), 9. Noah Nelson (Dawson, MN), 10. R.J. Esqueda (Madelia, MN)

  Heat Winners: Bubba Brown, Nate Coopman

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