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Scott Rall: Recycling options exist for old sporting stuff


The Globe outdoors columnist

The rummage sale season is about to get into high gear. Are you one of the folks who just can’t drive by a sale sign in the neighborhood near you?

I used to be like that when I was a kid looking to strike a deal on used fishing equipment. Most of what I bought was really cheap, but it operated like it, too. It is my experience that if you do see an ad with some stuff that looks good, by the time you get there when they open at 8 a.m. sharp the next day, the items you wanted were sold off before the rummage sale ever actually started. Even in the rummage sale business it’s not what you know -- it’s who you know.

There is one rummage sale which is happening this summer and it is one of those I want to contribute to rather than purchase from. As part of the Round Lake Sportsman’s Club’s renowned Horned Trout Tournament, they are having a Camo for Kids event.

The Round Lake Sportsman’s Club is one of the oldest sportsman’s clubs in Minnesota. I am a life member and have been the official weigh judge for their fishing tournament for many years.

There are all kinds of events this year. They are celebrating their 40th annual fundraiser on July 21 on the east side of Round Lake. With this being the 40th year they are raffling off a brand-new Bass Tracker boat with tickets only costing $20.

I will have tickets for the boat in my office. You can stop in and buy yours early.

I will cover this event in greater detail as the date nears but wanted to give all of the area fishers and hunters the opportunity to help out the Camo for Kids event. The event is designed to allow sports persons and makes and models of outdoor adventurers to donate their not-needed or outgrown hunting or fishing apparel and equipment.

Hunting clothes of all shapes and sizes are needed.  If its camo, great. Blaze orange is great, too. Hunting boots and other related items are all needed. This is not just a clothing drive, either.  Any decent condition hunting and fishing gear is also desired.

How about one or two of the six minnow buckets you have clogging up the garage. A few of the starter tackle boxes you don’t use anymore would really come in handy for a youth. Waders would be cool, too, if you have some that don’t leak. Camping equipment and lanterns are another good idea. The list is only limited to your outdoor imagination.  

All of these items will be put on a rummage sale to coincide with the Horned Trout Tournament on July 21.   All of the year’s proceeds are going to help out the Worthington High School Bass Fishing Team. They recently had 60 wood duck boxes constructed that will be hung and maintained by youth, with adults helping as needed.

There will be four drop-off locations for contributors to drop off their items. They include my office at LPL Financial Services on Oxford street in Worthington, Culligan Water Conditioning on 2nd Ave in Worthington, along with Oak Hill Outdoors in Milford, Iowa, and Johnny’s Pub on Main Street in Lake Park Iowa.

I know I have all kinds of stuff my kids wore growing up that is now too small.  It was just too good to throw out, and now we all have a great place to recycle those outdoor clothing and other outdoor items for the benefit of kids who really need them, with the proceeds going to a great cause.  

Please take a minute out of your busy lives and rummage through the closet and the garage, and even the storage shed, and gather up those unused items to generously donate them to the RLSC. They will be ready and willing to give you a donation receipt for the value of your items to use come next tax season.

Here’s to hoping the storage space in my office is filled to overflowing. Thank you in advance for your help in making the event a success.