I started buying shotgun shells 10 boxes at a time about 15 years ago.

Shotgun shooting was the aspect of recreational shooting that I found most enjoyable. I shoot about seven cases (70 boxes) of shells over a summer’s time.

The practice makes me pretty deadly on pheasants. Practice makes perfect, and if you don’t practice it shows during the pheasant season.

There are others in the recreational shooting world that could not and would not give two cents for shotguns. They are rifle guys and gals and they are an entirely different breed.

The long-range shooting trend is seeing a gigantic increase in interest over the past 3-4 years.

This kind of shooting includes banging steel targets out to 1,000 yards. I have never done it and I am sure I would be very bad at it. I have lots of rifles, but they are hardly ever taken out of the gun case. I have been told the challenge of this kind of shooting is having the skills not only to make the shot but also have the skills it takes to dial in a gun to shoot with accuracy at those very long ranges.

At our veterans hunt last fall that was sponsored by Nobles County Pheasants Forever, I met a 23-year veteran of the Army Special Forces and we struck up a conservation. His name is Todd Van Langen. He was an Army sniper and knows just about everything that a person can know about long-range shooting.

He was so appreciative of the veterans pheasant hunt that he offered us his skills to host a precision long range rifle class Worthington. I have never seen anything like this offered in our area before, so we immediately took him up on his offer and scheduled a two-day class for June 6-7.

Todd has trained shooters from the military, law enforcement and many other civilians. So this will be a two-day class with a half day in the classroom and one and a half days shooting at ranges out to 800 yards. He will cover things like doping, truing equipment selection and maintenance, using atmospheric conditions, positional shooting and much more. I am completely clueless on these terms.

Todd currently is the Long-Range Shooting Ambassador for Beretta Firearms traveling the world as a professional precision rifle shooter. The company manufactures Sako,Tikka and Victrix rifles. These are industry leaders in long-range rifles. If you have ever seen one, you want to own one.

The best part of the class is the many options Todd is offering as far as attendees. The cost is $1,300. This can be for an individual, or an adult-child combo or an adult gal-guy combo.

If you choose the combo option you will both get to shoot. Because this is a two-day class we are including a one night stay at a local hotel and a steak fry supper on Saturday night at my wildlife property. If you are local and don’t need the hotel, we can give you a certificate for a one-night stay -- or you can decline that option and we will add the additional revenue back to Nobles County Pheasants Forever.

You can choose to bring your own rifle and Todd will help you dial it in. Otherwise, he is bringing a large number of his own precision rifles and you are free and welcome to use any of those guns as well.

All of the proceeds raised by the event will be put in a dedicated account to be used for veteran and law enforcement hunting and appreciation activities. We cooperate with an organization called Warriors Never Give Up headquartered in Brandon, S.D.

The class is limited to 20 participants. This allows the proper amount of individual time to each shooter. In order to solidify your spot, you need to drop off a $500 deposit to me at my office located at LPL Financial 1321 Smith Ave, Worthington MN., 56175, or mail a check to Nobles County Pheasants Forever, P.O. Box 1033, Worthington Mn, 56187.

The balance of the tuition will be due by May 23rd. You can call me at 507-360-6027 or drop an email to scottarall@gmail.com if you need more information prior to signing up. Additional information will be sent to participants about what else is needed two weeks prior to the class date.

Todd is the consummate professional when it comes to long-range shooting. You will not be disappointed and Pheasants Forever will continue our efforts to show our veterans they are very much appreciated.