RACING: Sportsmen, Hornets combine at Nobles

WORTHINGTON -- The fast action continued Sunday night with the Rock-Nobles Cattlemen's Association hosting racing at Nobles County Speedway. Jeff Hamm also contributed to the evening with a bike giveaway. Here are the results from Sunday's action...

WORTHINGTON -- The fast action continued Sunday night with the Rock-Nobles Cattlemen's Association hosting racing at Nobles County Speedway.

Jeff Hamm also contributed to the evening with a bike giveaway.

Here are the results from Sunday's action:

Sportsman/ Hornet

With just three Hornet racers, those cars would join the back of the pack of the Sportsman race.


Brandi Dalin would be the leading Hornet with Denny Johnson and Brad Bohn falling into place. Brandon Bullerman and Brent Hulstein would start out the racing action for the night, with Dan and Cory Probst putting the pressure on right behind. Bullerman would jump out to the early lead with Hulstein going high in corners one and two -- coming out on top -- but by corner four. Bullerman would again take over the top spot.

Malik Sampson joined the mix and passed both Dan Probst, who had been in third, and Hulstein. Sampson set his sight on Bullerman and soon took the lead, leaving Bullerman and Dan Probst to battle for second. Bullerman later found himself spinning around, bringing out the caution. The caution was charged to Dan Probst, so he went to the back before Sampson had even led for a complete lap. Bullerman went back to the top, with Hulstein in second and Sampson third.

With two laps to go, Sampson had his work cut out for him.

Hulstein pulled off the track with car trouble, and all the drivers finished the race under caution when Brad Bohn was run into by a sportsman driver. Bullerman took the win, Sampson second and Trevor Holm third. Cory Probst and Dan Probst rounded out the top five.

Brandi Dalin took the checkered flag for the Hornet class. Denny Johnson was second; Bohn was third.


Eric Gaul and Dan Strandberg brought the field around with plenty of horsepower coming up behind as the drivers all fought for position. Coming out of corner three, Dustin Larson got under Scott Hector, causing him to spin. Larson was sent to the back for the caution, but Hector would have to go to the work area for a flat tire and also had to join the back of the pack.

Strandberg, Jerry Groenwold and Justin Luinenburg all gave it their all at the front of the pack, but the racing action going on behind them brought out the caution flag as Dustin Larson and Cory Groenwold were both warned with the black flag for rough driving. As they went back green Strandberg kept the top spot, with Luinenburg trying to go high. Strandberg shut the door on him and left the bottom open for Groenwold, who took over the lead. Larson worked his way back up to third.


With Luinenburg gaining ground on Groenwold at the halfway mark, the caution flag came out for a tire in the middle of the track. As they finished out the race, Luinenburg -- who was giving Groenwold a good run -- was tapped from behind, causing him to lose momentum and giving Groenwold a little edge. Groenwold pulled ahead by just a bumper to earn the win, with Luinenburg getting second and Larson third. Hector finished fourth, and Strandberg was fifth.


The Nobles County Speedway welcomed B-mod drivers Tyler and Tracy Johnson -- brothers from the fourth annual "Pink my Ride" -- as they continue to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network and Sanford Children's Hospital. (For more information on Pink my Ride, visit .).

Jason Fisher jumped out to the early lead, but his edge didn't last long as Steve Bents flew past on the high side to take the top spot. With the "Pink Brothers" running in third and sixth, Fisher pulled up next to Bents. They went back and forth, but Bents drove hard in corner four and spun, causing him to run over the front of Tracy Johnson. This put Bents to the back.

Dan Ahlers later worked his way into the mix of cars, and the caution flag later came out for Tom Brown. With Fisher continuing to lead, Tracy Johnson pulled up on him as Ahlers and Jeremy Smith battled behind. As Ahlers and Smith both fell behind, Tyler Johnson found himself in the third spot. Fisher pulled off the win; the "Pink Brothers" landed in second and third, respectively. Ahlers was fourth and Smith fifth.

Street Stock

Rich Gregoire took the early top spot with Trent Schroeder and Ron Prins putting the pressure on. Into the mix came Jim Larson, and Ron Prins would soon drive hard into the corner to bring out the caution. That left Gregoire, Schroeder and Larson to bring the field around.

Prins, having to work his way from the back, had his work cut out for him as Heath Tenklay, Luke Sathoff, Mark DeBoer and Chris Palsrock all tried to get into position. As Prins took over the fourth spot, Larson tried the high side to get around Schroeder for second. But Tenklay spun to bring out the caution, and Prins would later run too low and hit the inside tire -- that caused car trouble and put an end to his night.


With a green, white-checkered finish, Gregoire led the pack around to take the green. He maintained the top spot, with Schroeder concluding the race in second and Luke Sathoff sneaking in for third. Larson was fourth, and Mark DeBoer was fifth.


Jason Briese and Dwain Hanson were sitting on the front row with Don Gerritsen Jr. and Mike Steensma in the second row. Steensma soon took the lead and never looked back during the caution-free race.

As the drivers worked their way to the front, Gerritsen remained in second with Mike Hansen third. Brandon Aggen placed fourth, with Aaron Betz fifth.

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