Scott Mansch: Coming back to where memories were made

Scott Mansch
Scott Mansch

WORTHINGTON -- It was a hot June afternoon 39 years ago when I first walked into the Daily Globe offices to meet with publisher Jim Vance and sports editor Bill Brower.

I remember they both had cigarettes hanging.

Mr. Vance took a look at my college writing examples, gave Mr. Brower a nod and said “He’ll do.”

It was like the scene from the great John Wayne film “The Cowboys” where a tiny Clay O’Brien Cooper ropes a calf and falls down when attempting to put it on the ground.

The effort was good enough for the Duke, and the young boy’s grin was a reflection of pure joy.


I recall feeling the same way when offered a position with the Daily Globe back in 1980.

And that’s exactly my sentiments today after being hired as a part-time writer at the Globe.

Sports editor Doug Wolter and managing editor Ryan McGaughey extended the gracious offer to me a few days ago. We were in the same office that Mr. Brower and Mr. Vance once called home. The same place where many distinguished people worked, journalists such as Ray Crippen, Lew Hudson, Bob Cashel, Paul Gruchow, Dorothy Rickers and Joe Rossi.

And like those folks, Doug and Ryan assured me of their ongoing commitment to quality news and sports coverage in the Globe.

To be sure, the Globe office has changed for the better. No cigarettes these days.

And I believe Doug and Ryan weren’t just blowing smoke.

It’s an honor to return to the Globe, both in print and online, and add to the many memories I have of this area.

They include recollections of high school coaches Denny Hale, Don Basche and Don Kuiper of Worthington, Jack Kelly and Dean Jaacks of Windom, Arlo Goehle of Hills-Beaver Creek, Les Knutson of Heron Lake-Okabena, Lauren Carroll of Luverne, Jim Carr of Adrian, Hank Lenards of Fulda, Dick Davidson of Slayton and Tyrone Wacker of Jackson.


There have always been such great athletes in our part of the world, and I remember many of them from several decades ago. Superstars like Greg Travis and Jay Gerber of Worthington, Eugene Wolf and Mark Lutmer of Adrian, Pat Burns of HLO, Matt Prunty of Jasper, Myron Erstad of Chandler-Lake Wilson, Mike Jackson and Mike Haugen of Windom, and Bud Schelhaas and Ronnie Zwart of Edgerton.

And so many more.

I look forward to meeting many new coaches and star athletes in the coming days.

After many years in Montana, where I wrote about football, basketball, baseball, volleyball and soccer -- rodeo ropers and riders -- I’m so happy to be home in Slayton. My Mom, Phyllis, still lives there.

And I’m going to help her cheer for the Twins.

Like the great band Alabama sings, it “feels so right.”

To be back in Worthington represents a second homecoming for yours truly. It might not be my first rodeo in these parts, but it’s truly a fresh re-set for a continuing career in this beautiful business of ours.

I’m looking forward to reconnecting with many of you. See you at the games.


Scott Mansch, who worked at the Globe from 1980-83, has joined the staff on a part-time basis. He can be reached at

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