The Drill: Iverson is an important mound presence for Worthington Legion baseball

Michael Iverson, who struggled with injuries during the high school baseball season, is a key member of the summer Worthington American Legion baseball team.

WORTHINGTON -- The Worthington summer American Legion baseball team is stocked with excellent ballplayers, some of them coming off injuries, and one of the team’s best pitchers is in that category.

“At the beginning of the high school baseball season I hurt my shoulder, and then I couldn’t pitch,” right-hander Michael Iverson explained recently. “And it was tough not being able to pitch and watching my teammates play. Later on in the year I hurt my ankle and that didn’t help, either. And I had to sit out longer. And it was just not fun watching my teammates play, because I like to be out there, too.”

Iverson is pitching now, and hitting, too. His ability in both areas helps make Post 5 a dangerous lineup capable of beating any team around.

Those of us who’ve been around awhile remember another Iverson who, in his teen-age years, was an excellent baseball pitcher. That would be Michael’s dad, Brian, whose fastball used to blow hitters away when he was, himself, twirling at Worthington High School. It’s nice to know that the son is following in his father’s footsteps, to a degree, and making his own great memories along the way.

Michael claims two good pitches -- a fastball and a curve. He has command with both of them, can usually place them where he wants to, and has natural movement with his pitches, as well. Still, though his dad obviously has been a major influence in his life in regards to pitching, it’s a former coach who Michael says gave him a memorable bit of advice to live for. “Always hustle and do what you can. Control what you can,” Stacy Sauerbrei once told him.


This week’s Drill focus, young Iverson hopes his Legion squad can qualify this year for the state tournament. Looking at the way the team is going about its business, that does not appear to be a longshot.

You can see the Iverson Drill video online at . Here’s a sampling of the interview:

QUESTION: What kind of baseball discussions have you enjoyed with your dad, Brian Iverson?

ANSWER: “My dad talked a lot about his high school pitching days. He had to re-live them. He always reminded me how good he was at pitching, and how I had to live up to it, almost. It was something to work for, and it was fun.”

QUESTION: Can you tell us a special story that you remember about something that happened to you in sports -- something that you might never forget?

ANSWER: “My special story, just from playing baseball through the years, is when we were 10 years old and we went up and played state baseball and we got second at state. And it was one of the most fun times I had playing baseball. We just played and we had a lot of fun.”

QUESTION: Tell us something unusual about you that most people don’t know.

ANSWER: “The most unusual thing about me is that I used to golf quite a bit, and I used to be actually quite good at it. And I stopped golfing, and now I’m not good at all. I can’t hit a ball straight to save my life.”


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