LAKE PARK, Iowa -- She moves easily and fluidly around her practice stations, going from drill to drill with the confidence of the decorated hitter that she is. And, after all, Taylor Meyer has spent much of her young life inside gymnasiums watching other volleyball players perfect their craft and then doing it herself.

The Harris-Lake Park Wolves volleyball team, after advancing all the way to the regional finals last year before losing to eventual state runner-up Gehlen Catholic, is highly regarded again in 2018 led by seniors Meyer (a hitter) and Madison Brevik (a setter).

Meyer, daughter of H-LP head coach Daryl Meyer, was chosen second-team All-State, All-Northwest District and first team All-War Eagle Conference as a junior. The Wolves entered the 2018 season ranked No. 8 in Class 1A.

As a leader on the H-LP volleyball squad and a determined competitor, Taylor also enjoys all the other benefits of being a part of a team. Perhaps the most fun she’s had -- and what she’ll remember the most after her playing days are done -- she said, are the bus rides “goofing around and having fun.” She loves kids, and she hopes to get into elementary education after she graduates.

But first, she’s working to help her team get past the regionals.

The Globe discussed all these things with Taylor Meyer -- who also competes at basketball and softball -- during a recent interview for The Drill. You can see the video online at Here’s a sample of the interview:

QUESTION: Your dad told us last year that court awareness is one of your best volleyball assets. What would you say is your best assets as a volleyball player?

ANSWER: “I always think one of my best assets is just that court awareness, and kind of knowing where the ball needs to go. I’ve been in the gym since the first day I got out of the hospital. I got out of the hospital and I came to volleyball practice. I didn’t even go home. I mean, I’ve always been around the court and I’ve been able to watch some great players in the past.”

QUESTION: What’s it like playing for your father?

ANSWER: “There’s a lot of times we’ll go home after matches and we’ll watch game tape, and we’ll kind of talk about things. This year I’m actually taking calculus with him. It’s just me and him in the classroom, so we get our lesson done and it’s just straight to work on volleyball.”

QUESTION: Is it state tournament or bust for the Wolves this year?

ANSWER: “Our goal this year is definitely to go to the state tournament. Coming out ranked No. 8 we definitely have a huge target on our back and everybody’s going to be gunning for us. It’s not going to be like last year when we kind of flew under the radar.”