ADRIAN -- Scot Edwards is the No. 2-ranked Minnesota high school wrestler in Class A at 285 pounds, and in the 2018-19 season he’s got big plans.

Last season at the state tournament, he demonstrated his potential while still a sophomore. But he didn’t place there despite having one particularly impressive moment.

The opponent was Craig Orlando of Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale/Parker’s Prairie, a fellow sophomore. At one point in the match, Edwards had Orlando on his back. But Orlando righted himself and went on to win the championship.

“I had him on his back, and I did not place there,” Edwards remembers today. “But we were wrestling, and I do a lot of throwing in wrestling. Because I’m a heavyweight and I don’t like getting under them big people. And he was coming into me, and I threw him in a headlock and he rolled me. And that doesn’t happen to me very often.”

Now in his junior year at Adrian High School, Edwards is working diligently to improve on his state tournament standing. One advantage for him is that he gets to compete against Sean Kallevig in the wrestling room. Kallevig, a volunteer assistant coach, is big -- as big or bigger than Edwards -- and can give the young Dragon plenty of resistance that he can use in his high school bouts.

Edwards, himself, is plenty big. What AHS head coach Gregg Nelson especially likes about him this year is that he’s looking less like a kid and more like a man. He’s growing up. He’s an upperclassman now, for sure.

The Globe tackled Scot Edwards -- who also competes at AHS in football and track and field -- for The Drill recently. You can see the video online at Here’s a sample of the interview:

QUESTION: You’re a pretty tough wrestler, obviously. How do you think you’re better this year than you were as a sophomore?

ANSWER: “I feel like I’m pretty good on my feet. I like to be there. But I need to work on riding people … I feel like I can get away from anybody when I’m on bottom.”

QUESTION: The Adrian Dragons have a history of wrestling excellence over the years. Tell us how that affects the way you approach the sport here.

ANSWER: “Adrian has been pretty good over the years, and I just want to keep that going. In practice every day, I look over and see the state champions that we had. And I’d like to get my picture up there one day.”

QUESTION: Who is the person who most inspires you in sports?

ANSWER: “The person who inspires me the most in sports is probably my dad. When I was little -- after even the little kid practices -- after I worked hard, we’d go home and he’d teach me some more moves. I feel like that’s what helped me out a lot, was my dad.”