Trojan News: COVID-19 made huge impact on WHS cross country team

Cross Country Trojans va Windom Eagles and Redwood Valley S4.jpg
WHS cross country runners stretch their legs before a Sept. 17 race. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)

WORTHINGTON ― The WHS cross country team had a good season despite it being shortened by COVID-19.The cross country team didn’t have any difficulties during their season, even though COVID took away some of their meets.

Alec Langerud said that overall his time improved, but their season was much shorter.

“We only had about six or seven (meets), maybe eight in total,” he said. “We should’ve had about 10 or 12 at least.”

The team had big accomplishments that they were proud of.

Social distancing wasn’t a big problem since they were outside. The boys team did not have to follow very strict rules during the season, but they had to wear masks. The rules that the boys team had for COVID weren't very hard to follow.


“It wasn’t super strict, it was kinda like small discipline,” Oziel Flores explained.

The biggest change was that fewer teams participated and the season wasn’t long enough. According to head coach Cory Schmidt, “The season wasn’t long enough ... I don’t think. We could go the whole year.”

Although the team didn’t really have the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments like they have always done by going out to each on Coach Schmit’s dime, they had a successful season overall.

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